Hi everyone,

I came across Vasili’s profile while I was checking the students on our platform and decided to get in touch with him because I really liked his personality traits.

He describes himself as a very communicative, clever and enthusiastic person who wants to become a professional economist.

He has been a scout for seven years which shows how altruistic he can be and that is exactly the kind of profile I deeply like! Doing things without expecting anything in return is a gift.

When he has spare time, he likes to dance, read books and play football or volleyball.

He’s been in love with mathematics since he was a little boy. He does not consider it as a simple subject but as “a special world”.

Surrounded by his friends, he wants now to discover new people, new countries and new cultures. He loves travelling which makes him dream about working abroad, that is probably why he is able to speak six languages: Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, English, German and Turkish. Not only will it be useful for his future career but also for communicating with culturally totally different people.

I wish him the best and I really hope he’ll be in contact with some Schools/Universities on our platform.

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