A new (very interesting) School registered on HigherEdMe and it’s the Inscape Education Group in South Africa. I have to say I had a crush on this one. For those interested in fields such as design, jewelry, graphics, architecture, fashion or even audiovisual, marketing or communication, this School is perfect for you.

They define their culture as a “culture built on a value system that encourages quality, authenticity and relationships”. They also mention that for every twenty students who enrol with them, they are “able to offer partial or full scholarships to assist deserving candidates who otherwise would not have the opportunity to embark on their chosen careers.” It’s absolutely amazing for anyone who can’t afford such a great School and it proves their interest for the students!

They also publish job offers on their website for the students.

Here you can learn more about their programmes and you can also make a study abroad wish on our platform by clicking here if you want to get the chance to be contacted by Inscape.

-Emilie, Community Manager