Europe is one of the most famous destination to study abroad. Every year over 1.5 million students from around the world come to Europe for their higher education. The number of international students increases every year. Why is there a growing interest in Europe?

1- High quality academic programmes

According to an article published in the Times Magazine in 2012, 31 of the first 100 best Universities in the World are European. Thus, making Europe the second choice of destination after the US.

Moreover, the Europe offers a wide range of studies: 2-year-programs, Bachelor studies, Master’s degrees, Doctoral Degrees…  and more and more Universities are teaching their courses in English.

2- Cutting-edge facilities

Many Schools in Europe have the latest devices, permitting students to study thanks to modern technologies. They also have high-standard laboratories and provide students with the best education thanks to their practical courses with the latest technologies.

3- Cheap Universities and Scholarships possibilities

While it’s harder to study in America because of really expensive Universities, in Europe you can easily enroll thanks to their cheap programs but if you still cannot afford it, you can get a Scholarship that will help you pay your bills and studies.

4- Many social activities

Europe is very welcoming with international students and provides all the students with great social activities and parties in order to build a group cohesion. Socialising is one of the most important parts of studying abroad and will help you create amazing memories!

5- A real value for your resume

It’s no secret that Europe leads to great future careers. Well-known and famous for their great courses, employers will be impressed to see that you studied in Europe and will know you have the skills to be a wonderful worker.

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-Emilie, Community Manager

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