While some of you have already passed their exams, others are still reviewing their notes. Thus, I decided to share some study tips with you in order to prepare for your exams.


Listen carefully during the classes all year long

Did you know that it’s during the classes that you learn and remember things more easily? It’s important to pay attention to what the teacher has to say and not to let yourself get distracted because of a chatty neighbour or your phone vibrating. It will enable you to save time when reviewing because you will already have everything in mind!  


Understanding instead of learning

It is one thing to learn by heart some formulas, like in maths, but it is another to understand them. The hardest part is done when you understand the class so don’t hesitate to ask questions to your teachers, to look on your own for some details or to look for articles in connection with it.


Write revision sheets

It is important to read your notes on its whole but it’s also necessary to sort the pieces of information out in order not to have too many information to handle. It’s also insightful to take notes of what is most important and thus being able to read them the day before the exam in order to remind you of the most important points.


Study before sleeping

Warning : I’m not telling you to study until 1 A.M. because we all know that in order to be in good condition for the exams we have to rest! But studying an hour before sleeping helps the information to register in our minds as this study says. Nevertheless, I advise you to watch a 20 minutes series or read a book after revising in order to go to bed fully relaxed.


Take time for yourself

I’ll end on this important point as it is one of the most important. Being able to rest, sleep tight, eat healthy and go out is putting all the chances on your side for your exam! So don’t remain 24/7 on your studies and move, have fun!

What about you? What are your tips to succeed at an exam?


-Emilie, Community Manager