Many of you will study abroad soon or some of you will just travel and want to take pictures with their phone. It’s not always easy to take professional-like pictures when you only use your phone. Well, here are pieces of advice you could take into consideration next time you want to take killer pictures.


Tip number 1 : clean your lens

It may sound silly but it’s actually really important. Sometimes it can be dirty because you put it in your bag without any headcase or you put your greasy sticky fingers on it. So make sure it’s completely clean.


Tip number 2 : only take photos with your back-facing camera lens.

The front one has a lower resolution. Usually used for selfies, it might be a great deal to try to take your next selfies with the back-facing camera lens. Come on! It’s not that difficult!


Tip number 3 : avoid using the zoom.

Unless you want your pictures to look blurry and with a lot of pixels, I’d advise you not to use it.


Tip number 4 : use the focus feature.

You want to make an element pop? Then making your lens focus on a special element will definitely highlight it. So don’t hesitate to use this feature.


Tip number 5 : try not to move.

Easier said than done, right? Well, cameras usually work the same but your phone is even more sensitive to that so try to stay still while taking a picture.


Tip number 6 : find the good light.

A shadow does not look so good on photos. Well, it actually depends on what you want to take a photo of but be careful of the sun. It can give you a hard time to take pictures so make sure you take them when the sun is slowly setting or rising. When it’s up high in the sky, you’ll either look too pale or too dark with bad shadows on your face. Moreover, some elements will be harder to take into pictures : if you want to take the photo of a building with backlight it will sure be good to be thrown into trash.

And last but not least, remember to put your phone down from time to time and simply enjoy the beauty of the things surrounding you.


So you want to see great things and enjoy them? Studying abroad is the perfect way to do that while learning new things. So tell us about your study abroad project on HigherEdMe and get the chance to be sent study abroad offers by worldwide Schools!


-Emilie, Community Manager