Today I’m helping you answering the Schools in a polite and courteous way.

That is something really important that could make all the difference. Remember that a School sending you a study abroad offer does not necessarily mean that it will lead to something. If you want it to have a successful ending, you will have to prove your good manners. It’s also very important that your answer is clear and comprehensible. This way it will be easier to read for your recipient.

In order to help you with that, I’ll give you little pieces of advice so that you will be able to prove your interest and your politeness to the Schools when you write your emails.

Tip 1: Always take a good start

To start your answer, greet the person in a courteous way with a “Dear Madam, Dear Sir…” if you don’t know the name of your recipient, with his/her name if you know who it is “Dear Mrs/Mr xxx” for example or simply with a “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening”. Sometimes being simple is also very efficient but I’d advise you to use more formal formulas. (more information about ‘salutations’)

Tip 2: Stay simple in your answer

Make your email easy to read. Write paragraphs, not in a single block and use a black writing with a white background. You are not writing a letter so your email will have to be brief and concise. Getting right to the point will be more efficient.

Tip 3: Don’t rush

Be cautious when it comes to your spelling. Find someone to correct your email or use a spell checker. An email with (big) mistakes could make your recipient run away.

Tip 4: Be polite all along

Never forget the greetings even at the end of your email. Indeed, it would be wise to end your emails with “best regards”.

Tip 5: Polish details

Add your signature. Writing your full name and eventually, some of your information (but not too much or it will look like a mess) is really important and it’s necessary not to miss it.

Tip 6: Make yourself comfortable

Do you feel more comfortable talking on the phone instead of writing? Don’t hesitate to directly contact Schools by phone, they will enjoy answering your questions. But don’t forget that one day or another you will have to use these pieces of advice. I suggest you to remember them.


-Emilie, Community Manager