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Hi, I am Bruno, from the development team at HigherEdMe. For this series of articles I am stealing Emilie’s seat to share with you some bits of information I have gathered about language certificates.
We had a lot of feedback from schools who want to know if students are fluent enough to follow studies in a foreign language.
As a result, I have been working on a new implementation of languages in the application. The goal is to make it easier for you to communicate your information to the schools.

Studying language certificates

One of the leads we have been investigating is language certificates. Indeed, those are often required by schools as a proof of proficiency. After doing some research on the subject for internal documentation, we thought it might be of interest to students seeking to take a certificate and we decided to share that info as a series of articles.

Before discussing the certificates, I will first tell you about language levels. You will discover how the Council of Europe contributed to standardize language levels around the world with the creation of the Common European framework of reference for languages in 2001.

The most relevant languages on our platform

We will then focus on languages that are the most relevant for our platform.
On the one hand, we have to take into account the most studied languages in the world. And according to an Italian study of 2014, the most studied foreign languages are:

1. English
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Italian
5. Chinese
6. Japanese
7. German

For comparison, here is the ranking of the most studied languages in American schools and universities:

Spanish       50%
French        12%
American Sign Language 7%
German        5%
Italian           4%
Chinese     3.9%
Arabic        2.1%
Latin,         1.7%
Russian     1.4%
Ancient Greek, 1%

On the other hand, French is the most sought-after language on the platform.

As you may have guessed, we will first discuss English and French certificates.

Follow the link at the end of each part to read the next article in the list:


photo by Bites85 CC BY-SA 4.0

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