Hello, everyone! Great news today. Our dev team is testing a new feature on the HigherEdMe platform.

We try to make things easier for everyone when it is about study abroad, as much for universities as for you. And to do so, we have listened to what you have to say about it.

How did we do things before?

Until now, when a university decided to send a message to a student, we notified the lucky student with an email. It was simple, and worked fine for us. But for you, dear students, it appears that maybe we could use another, better way to contact you.


Why aren’t emails the best way to contact you?

Emails are great for many things, but emails are less and less used. With so many apps that are helping communication, fewer and fewer students are checking their mailbox every day.
We know that it doesn’t mean that you are not interested in messages from the universities. It only means that you use other ways to communicate. So the question is how? How can we contact you to tell you the good news?


We simply have to ask you

I admit we have taken a bit of time, but last summer, we asked you on our Facebook page which way you preferred to be notified about university and school messages. The answer was clear: by text messages.
So ok, go with the SMS.  Therefore last year, I took my survey with me, and went to talk to our CTO and said: What about SMS notification for HigherEdMe student users? And I got for answer, of course. But in reality, we had a lot of things already going on and not enough time to work on that matter. However, we were all convinced that it was an important step for our platform. Finally last week, after a long work, after deploying the new design for the school side (I will tell you about it really soon 😉 ), our dev team started to work on it.

How have they developed Sms notification?

Before they even started to write any piece of code, our dev team had to research what services were the best to help us in this task. They already knew some of them, but they searched for more to compare. Only one kept our attention: Twilio. I have a tip for you if your clients are developers, take care of your documentation, they love it so much. And the Twilio team did it well, so the choice was simple.

We had only one minor issue, due to the security chart of Twilio, we had to prove that HigherEdMe was a real start-up and that we had good intentions in sending SMS to a lot of people. To regularize the situation, we decided to send them a nice email with a lot of information to present our work and what HigherEdMe was. They kindly replied to us in the next hours and all was clear. Eventually, what took our dev team the most time, was to test the feature and check that everything worked well (the difficulty was to develop the feature with different behaviors on our testing environment from that on the real platform that you used).

What to do if you want to be notified by sms too?

Thanks to our dev team, SMS are ready to go whenever a school is interested in one of you. But if we don’t have your mobile phone number, it will never happen. You can easily change that in a few minutes. Connect to your HigherEdMe account, go to your profile and add your phone number (don’t forget your country dialing code).  We will only send you one SMS by school message and we will not use your number for any other purpose without asking you for your agreement first.

I hope you will like this new way of being notified and please ask me any question about it in the comment section más!

Hi everyone.
Maybe you have noticed that usually your host is Emilie, our community manager. But not today. Today it’s me, Pauline HigherEdMe’s Wishmaker. I manage with Emilie the student side of HigherEdMe. And I really wanted to share this good news with you 🙂


Wishmaker, HigherEdMe

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