Many of you will study abroad soon and will want to earn a living by working once in your host country. I’m giving you a few tips to find a job once you are settled.


1- Before everything, check if you are able to work in the country you are currently in


Every visa has its own particularities and some may not allow you to work in the country you chose to study in. That is why it is really important to choose carefully what visa you’ll get before leaving.


You can’t be angry if you haven’t picked the right visa, I warned you to be careful!


2- Look for opportunities


When you start searching a job, you should begin with the university’s career center. Not only they can help you but they also can prepare you for job interviews.

There are also a lot of websites helping you find the perfect job for you. (UK) (Australia) (US) (France) (Spain)

Also, you might want to have a look at supermarket chains and other important industries.


3- Get a kick-ass resume and motivation letter





No more boring CVs please! Express yourself through your motivation letter and your resume. It takes time to personalize each letter but trust me, it’s important and your soon-to-be employer will appreciate it.


4- Be prepared for the interview






Prepare in your mind all the questions you can be asked and what you should answer. And if a question pops up and you don’t know what to answer, don’t panic and take your time. You can do this!


5- Success!






We knew you could do this.

And if you still need help to find your study abroad program, we are here to help you 😉



-Emilie, Community Manager