Nowadays our smartphones do all the work for us and they are pretty useful when it comes to new situations. For example, when you study abroad you can need it to find a place to go, a good restaurant…

I found out for you some really great apps so you might want to have a look. I’ve tried some of them and they are so useful you’ll probably not be able to stop using it even when you are back home.

To help you find free wifi wherever you are

WiFi Map


To stay in touch with the ones you love

WhatsApp : Many people use it in their daily lives but I think it’s much more useful when you’re abroad and need to stay in touch with people. They’ll need to have the app too of course and you can even create group conversations.

Facebook : Well, who doesn’t know Facebook nowadays? Thanks to Facebook messenger you’ll be able to talk in private with people and thanks to Facebook you’ll be able to see what they are up to and share your daily life.

Skype : What’s better than a phone conversation instead of just writing text messages? Well, a video conversation of course! And thanks to Skype you’ll be able to video chat with one or even several persons.


To help you understand people

Google Translate : Need to know the meaning of a word or a sentence? Google helps you 🙂

The Intepreter : You don’t understand people’s accent? Their way of talking? Or you just need to make yourself understood? Well, this app is perfect as it recognises the voices and is able to translate them. A daily useful tool.


To brag about the amazing places you’ve seen

Instagram : Perfect for those who want to share amazing photos on a social network dedicated to that.

Snapchat : Want to send short videos or photos that’ll only remain a few seconds on your friend’s screen? Then Snapchat is made for you.


My PostCard Photocards : Send postcards of photos you took with your phone camera to the people you love and pay for them online. Fast and easy.


To help you travel

Skyscanner : For those who want to find the cheapest flights.

AirBnb : Hotels are too expensive for your small budget? Then renting a room or even an entire flat to private individuals on AirBnb might be the solution for you. It’s cheaper than staying at hotels and makes you meet new people.

Tripadvisor : What about this restaurant? Is it good or not? Read the opinions(and even photos) of people who went there and discover if you should try it or find another oneto have dinner at.

Uber : Taxis can be really expensive. Find a cheaper solution thanks to Uber. You can book your drive online.

GoogleMap : If you are like me and have no sense of direction, Google Map will help you find your way!

Around Me : Need help finding bars, coffee shops, gas stations, movie theaters, hospitals, hotels and many other places? Around Me is the app for you.


To be careful with your spendings

Money lover : Are you scared to spend too much during your trip? Money Lover is especially here for you to help you keep track of all your expenses.


Do you have any favorite app yourself and do you want to share it with us? Then do it in the commentary section and I might add yours to the list 🙂


-Emilie, Community Manager