It’s been a while since I last published an interview and I make a strong comeback with Thomas, a resourceful and very motivated student. I think he’ll have a lot of success! Discover him through a few questions.


I’ve seen that you want to study 2D and 3D graphic design and also video making, why is that ?

I’ve always been drawn to the cinema and design industry. I’ve always watched a lot of movies (live movies and animation) and series (like a lot of persons). It’s really rare for me to go to sleep before watching a series episode or a movie. I like to use my imagination to send a message. I’m influenced and inspired by a lot of different universes:


  • The Astronomy. I love to look at photos or watch videos taken from space. I find learning more about the things surrounding us very interesting.
  • The Sports with the giants that are Nike and Adidas.
  • The Urban Culture with US rap (Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Big Sean or even Futuristic) and the sneakers for example (Urban Culture is not only about this but this is what inspire me the most).


I think that today’s technological means enable anyone to create quality content.


Indeed, your aspirations are rather wide. But what is your academic background?

I started to “surf” on the web when I was 13. That is when I registered on a forum talking about graphism. I met a large community where everyone would help each other. I could learn Adobe Photoshop on my own. I learnt how to edit images, do compositing, create logos and so on. It was an amazing experience because I was able to talk with people with whom I am still in touch today, that is to say 8 years later. But it was a hobby. I was working on it after School or during my spare time.

I’ve had a rather unusual academic background. I got an A-Level in science and technology of industry and sustainable development with a specialization in technology innovation. I learnt how to create brand new products. There was a creative side but it was still too industrial, which displeased me. I had to study the materials, the mechanical links and I found that it was too binding and a bummer for my creativity. It was during this degree that I decided to learn digital creation. I loved doing it during my spare time so I asked myself “why not try to make it my daily life and live thanks to it?”


Indeed, it’s hard to understand the link between your A-level and the studies you wanted to follow. So, what did you do?

So I went to study a two-year degree in Multimedia and Internet at the University of Marne-la-Vallée. Coming from Lyon, it was a huge change for me but I wanted to leave the family cocoon. The courses were rather general and I mainly had courses on fields that I was not interested in (but I’d advise these courses for those who are hesitating between the different fields in digital).

That is why I’d like to pursue my studies abroad, in the hope of learning new things but in a different background. I still hesitate to target a field more oriented on design or rather on visual effect.


You said in your HigherEdMe profile that you travelled to different countries. What country did you like the most?

Italy is the best trip I did. I loved Florence. The history of this city has always fascinated me. I really loved the cooking, the kindness of the Italian people but also learning more about the country’s history. What I noticed and what marked me the most is that they drive the way they want to. I witnessed a lot of funny situations.


Interesting! Now let’s talk a little bit more about yourself. What are your most significant character traits?

It’s always hard to describe your ownself. I’d say that I try to make my relatives the happier I can. I think that I am generous in the effort, when I have something to do, I give everything I have. I’m someone who is very discreet but also very impulsive.


Why should a School choose you instead of someone else?

On the professional side, I’m sure of my strength, I like to learn from other people, I like good work. The unknown doesn’t scare me. Moreover, I think that in spite of my young age, I have a certain experience in digital creation. I’m able to work in groups but also to be autonomous.


On the social side, I’ve always had the will to travel, discover new cultures, new people.

If an University trusts me, I do the best to do as well. I have precise goals on my mind and I think that to realise them I’ll have to go abroad. I don’t have any special ties with France.

My relatives know I’ve always seen my future abroad . Now it’s easy to keep in touch with someone wherever you are.


Why did you choose America as a destination?

“The American Dream”. I grew up with Hollywood, Looney Tunes, NBA, etc. I have a very idealistic vision of America. I have many good feedbacks from friends who went there. There is a sport culture that I find to be very extraordinary. Sports are like a religion there and that is very impressive to see the show at every meeting. On a more professional note, there were a lot of design studios in the USA and in Canada. My goal is to be part of one of them. As I would like to work in the 3D creation field or in visual effects, I think it’s the better place to be trained.


Are you open to other destinations ?

The USA and Canada are the two destinations that interest me the most to continue my studies.

Though it is true that Japan and South Korea are two countries that would interest me. It’s rather cliché but I like this mix between tradition and modernity. The multimedia culture is very interesting there, video games and mangas are in everyday’s life.

These are really inspiring. A lot of well-known designer come from there such as Hiroshi Fujiwara who is Japanese and collaborated with Nike and Louis Vuitton for example.

There is also Abu Dhabi, I really like the artificial side of the town. It’s the place of excess. This town is really recent and cosmopolitan. I think there is the possibility to learn a lot of things on a lot of different cultures.


What is your biggest dream?

I’ve learnt the hard way that talking too much about one’s project could harm. So I’ll remain neutral on this question 🙂


I really liked his interview so I had to share it with you. We can feel the passion in his words and I hope he’ll get study abroad offers soon. If you want to discover his work, visit Behance


-Emilie, Community Manager