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It has been a while since I have presented you a new school 🏣. Not that we haven’t had any but more like too much to told you about correctly. But this one is a bit special! Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) is a University based in the Caribbean 🌴🌴 in the Dominican Republic.
They offer a Bachelor in Business Administration all taught in English in partnership with American universities that leads to a double certification.

Unibe, Caribbean university

Some fact about the University:

  • 1 program offered entirely in English: Bachelor in Business Administration.
  • 2 bilingual programs (English and Spanish): Medical Doctor, and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (dual degree with Florida International University).
  • Student body of 5,000 students.
  • Women/Men student ratio on student population 64:36.
  • 25 % international students who come from more than 46 countries.
  • 900 faculty members at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Student/Faculty ratio of 6:1 ensuring personalized attention for all students.
  • 17,000 alumni. More than 5,000 of them are international students.
  • 73% employment rate for alumni the first year after graduation; 80% in the second year, 84% at the third year and 94% at the 5th year of graduation.
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The city: Santo Domingo, caribbean historical place

The main campus is located in the capital of the country, Santo Domingo. Founded in 1496, this city has a rich history and has seen the construction of the first university, cathedral, castle, monastery, and fortress in the “New world”.

How UNIBE presents the city:

The Dominican Republic is located in the Hispaniola, considered the second largest island in the Caribbean and shared with Haiti. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (North) and by the Caribbean Sea (South), between Cuba and Puerto Rico. The nation’s population is approximately 9 million inhabitants. Near to 3 million people live in Santo Domingo, the Capital City. Spanish is the official language and English is widely spoken. On tourist areas you can also find some knowledge of French, Italian and German. The average annual temperature is 77° F with august being the warmest month and January the coolest. Summer temperatures range from 89° to 95 ° F and in the winter from 75° to 90° F.

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