I try a new kind of post today. Not quite a press review but close. I will aggregate here some post I found interesting in the week about study abroad stuff.
Today summary:

  • A woman has made a second trip abroad, and have made the most logical thing to do during her stay.
  • a post list 15 scholarship opportunities open to African students
  • fact about the benefits of studying abroad

30 years later, nothing has changed for Lisa Werner

During your study abroad trip, you make unforgettable memories. Lisa Werner from California has chosen to recreate them with a second abroad trip 30 years later.
You can read her story and see many photos on the HuffingtonPost: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/study-abroad-photos_us_59680477e4b03389bb164217
Do you parents have done a study abroad trip too? Why not suggest them to go again and have fun with this simple idea 😉




On this photo, she is standing in front of the Cologne’s Cathedrale. Cologne is one of the 4 largest cities in Germany ( you can read more about Germany and German language here), She was also in France (City of Strasbourg).

Boost your study abroad project with Scholarship opportunities


I think that I may help some of you to realize their study abroad project with this information.

Africa, Top 15 scholarship opportunities

It’s a post with a list of 15 scholarship opportunities for African students.

Tokyo, China, Australia, Malaysia, Denmark… all those countries are possible destinations with those scholarships.

Read the full article here: http://worldscholarshipforum.com/top-15-scholarships-opportunities-for-africans-to-study-abroad-2017-2018/

I look at them and I find this one really interesting:

Read more here : http://worldscholarshipforum.com/monash-international-merit-scholarships/

If you are going to apply for one, tell us in the comments why!

Why do more and more people choose to study abroad?

The answer is very simple because, despite all the possible difficulties (Budget, administrative paper, unknown language), students gain a lot with this experience.

For the majority of students going abroad means:

  • a gain in maturity
  • a better understanding of their own cultural value
  • a boost in self-confidence
  • new skills useful for their future career

I know that most of you didn’t need to be convinced to go abroad, but maybe this fact will convince your parents if they have a bit afraid to let their child going far away.

I hope you will like this post, don’t hesitate to tell in the comments if you want to see more like this one!

I wish you a very good day.