Iceland challenges all of us to sing this song!

At first you’ll think “hey this isn’t so complicated!” But wait for the second part of the song where the real struggle begins.
Can you say Hringvegurinn in rythm? I’m pretty sure that I can’t 😮 !
They have also made a video with tourists trying to keep up with Steindi and needless to say that Icelandic is a real challenge.

The tourist office of Iceland isn’t at its first video. You can take a look at their channel there are a few. But after watching this one, it’s hard to not wish to take a trip to Iceland…

The campaign is already a success, you can read the post that the Guardian made about it. They also listed the last campaigns run by the Icelandic tourist office and they were also very original (like an Icelandic Academy that teaches you to avoid akward situations in hottubs, how nice of them! We all need to master this art I think ;p)

We don’t have yet any School or University register in Iceland, so I take this occasion to say hello to:

  • Agricultural University of Iceland
  • Bifröst University
  • Hólar University College
  • Iceland Academy of the Arts
  • Reykjavík University
  • University of Akureyri
  • University of Iceland
  • Keilir

    If you are looking for international students, you are welcome to join us! Send me a message!

    Ps: And if any of these institutions register during the week, I will make a video of our team singing the hardest karoke song in the world!