Discover Scott, The Scholarsheep, and tips for applying to a scholarship.

Scot is a very clever sheep, and knows that a lot of information is tweeted every day. He has therefore decided to use Twitter to his advantage and especially to yours. Unlike other sheep, Scott’s main occupation is retweeting, but only Scholarship related tweets. It is quite a simple task and Scott does the job just fine. But our two new team members (web design trainees) have pushed the idea a little further! Now, Scott has, as well as his own twitter account, his own dedicated website. He is over the moon! More importantly, now you can follow Scholarship tweets with specific themes. For example, if you are looking for scholarships to go to Europe, Scott now has a dedicated feed for it. He has feeds for numerous different locations, dedicated study fields and degrees! Now that you can find information about scholarships more easily, it’s time to check the main tips to follow to boost your chances to be granted one.

Tips for Scholarships:

  1. Start searching now, it’s never too soon, and remain organized with deadline reminders
  2. The web isn’t your only option. Look for local scholarships with your guidance counselor if you are lucky enough to have one.
  3. Apply again and again! Check smaller scholarships too, even if they can’t finance all your expenses, they can help you with the first steps.
  4. Don’t forget to personalize every application! Too much copy and pasting won’t do you any favors.
  5. If you are using a matchmaking website, answer to all of the optional questions, it can only raise your match number (it’s the same thing with your HigherEdMe profile by the way 😉 )
  6. And the last one for today: Ask for help, a second pair of eyes to look at all of your applications is always a good idea.
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