Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne


IULM University is the Italian centre of excellence for studies in Communications, Linguistics, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, each and all of strategic importance and ever-developing.

IULM complements a solid academic education with practical experience thanks to conferences, workshops, partnerships with companies, and “hands-on” learning in the field.

IULM is located in Milan: the Italian capital of Fashion, Design, and Innovation, where you could easily get closer to Italian lifestyle and to the world of work.






English-taught programs

Two-year master’s degrees in

  • Strategic Communication
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

One-year master’s degrees in

  • International Communication
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Game Design
  • Food Design and Innovation (in collaboration with SPD)
  • Communication for International Relations [IT/EN]


know how to be,
know how to do”


Why choose IULM



IULM offers complete and innovative training courses that respond effectively to the needs of the labor market.


Made in Italy

More than a brand, “Made in Italy” is a lifestyle and way of doing business, grounded in time-honored culture and artisanal know-how. Studying at IULM gives you an insider’s view to this model and leads you to make it your own. “Made in Italy” is closely associated with quality, specialization and style, based on the craftsmanship, tradition and innovation of enduring Italian business models.


Modern, Functional Campus

IULM Campus offers unsurpassed facilities for both learning and university life. Besides 6 buildings dedicated to classroom teaching and socializing, 2 auditoriums and an exhibition area provide impressive venues for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, cultural and artistic events thereby making the University a multipurpose cultural center just 15 minutes from downtown Milan.


Professional training

IULM guides you successfully into the world of work, combining a solid academic background, hands-on classroom activities and, above all, practical field experience that allows the acquisition of those soft skills that employers increasingly seek in new hires (teamwork, decision-making, communication).


Ideas and Creativity

IULM nurtures talent and provides a steppingstone to the world of work, but also a training ground to turn your passion into a profession. Students’ ideas come to life as working projects carried out in the field beyond the university, thanks to a highly qualified teaching staff and a pool of experienced professionals who support students’ educational and professional success.

Study in Milan at IULM

Since its inception 50 years ago, IULM University has striven to combine cultural education and professional skills, and indeed it is a place where academia and the labor market converge. That is precisely what makes IULM stand out because it complements a solid academic education with practical experience thanks to conferences, workshops, partnerships with companies, and real “hands-on” learning in the field.

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