5 programs for students to become a great scientist – or why you should study science in France

Are you dreaming of science? Have some ideas that could become a discovery? This post is about your opportunity to realize your goal. Go to study science in France and make an international career. For some details look here

1. Cancer Aging & Rejuvenation master’s program at Université de Toulouse

Find out, how to make human life better by studying Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicine, cancer, Ageing and Rejuvenation.
+Cool modern laboratories,
+2 years of study.

2. Industrial BioTechnology for a Bio-Based Economy (BioTechEco)

Across-disciplinary educational program by Toulouse Tech that, likewise,  includes life sciences, chemical and bioprocess engineering, bioethics, sustainability, economics, and environmental regulations.

+ 6-month internship at a research laboratory of the university consortium or an industrial company.
+ high-quality teaching delivered by lecturers and researchers from universities ranked among the 300 best institutions in the world (NTU and ARWU rankings, 2020).

3. Space Communication Systems: from engineering to end-to-end systems.

2 years, Université de Toulouse
The teaching staff is composed of faculty members who are part of major French research laboratories and experts of satellite industry. The SATCOM systems program trains autonomous graduates in the field of satellite telecommunications.
4. International Master of Functional biology & Ecology by INRAE –
2 years, fundamental research in agriculture, discovering natural land &waste management, and remediation to become a scientific advisor, researcher, or engineer. “Master Mobility grant” to finance the mobility of M2 students – in France or abroad.

5. Electronics systems for embedded and Communicating Applications.

2 years, Embedded Electronics Design, Radio-Frequencies, Digital Signal and Image Processing disciplines.
You will create an A 100h research project in a research institution and
A 6 months final project as a trainee in a laboratory or in the industry with minimum wages 500 € / month
also Université de Toulouse

If you dream  to study science, get this chance and go to France

Up-to-date labs, qualified mentors, friendly and sophisticated community…
interested? look for details on https://app.highered.me/