How to study Air Transport and Tourism  in France


 This article is useful for students who dream to go abroad and look forward study Air Transport and Tourism in France. Today we want to tell you about the way to apply MITAT of Toulouse’s University which full name is “ Master 2 International Management of Air Transport and Tourism”. 

 Why this program is good for becoming an air transport and tourism manager?

MBA 2  is suiting for those students, who decided to grade 5th year of the University program. Look more for  International Management for study Air Transport and Tourism  (MITAT) location is  – Paul Sabatier University, which settles in Toulouse, France. The program was started in September 2012.@M2MITAT

The curriculum is designed for students who want to equip with agile philosophy and skills. It is required to make a successful career in different sectors of the air transport and tourism industry.

What are MITAT courses about?

The area of expertise that students will study at Master 2 MITAT courses covers wide themes, related to both Air Transport and International Tourism. Also, various management skills are established to specialize students in appropriate areas.

Study as a professional

The program provides you professional experience, acquired  a thorough grounding. Students get international-level knowledge in all air transport and tourism issues. Professors will guide you in managerial, interpersonal, economics and language skills.

In addition, most of the lecture modules include study project sessions.  The expert visitors will read extra seminars and give students some opportunities to discuss current topics within the industry.

The Air transport and tourism study program structure

The course consists of issues that graduates will have to complete during the 2 semesters of studying:

  • 5 core modules that include Methodology and communication tools
  • Economics & Management applied to Air Transport and Tourism
  • One individual research project
  • Project Management
  • Professional Training Programme that goes about 4 – 6 months

Each module is assessed by an examination, some of them also are validated with an assignment.

The appropriate  period to study Air Transport and tourism in France

The MITAT course is organized in 12 months. The program accents are based on the academic teaching period from September till April.  The total time of studying counts for this study part is 30 ECTS.  Furthermore, the work placement period of practice in international companies starts from April to September. Likewise, it counts for 30 ECTS.

So, the total time of the course is composed from 60 ECTS.

When and how to apply for studying Air transport and tourism

   The time to make your application starts in March and continues till June.To make your application easy and quick, you can do it with our international study platform. Join to discover more about HigheredMe opportunities and go study Air transport and tourism in France this year.

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