New program about MSC mechanical engineering


If you are interested in studying msc advanced mechanical engineering, our new program might be interesting for you.


A Master’s degree in fluid mechanics will make state-of-the-art experts in FM and its application to raw material and energy transformation processes. It is settled at the Toulouse University. The duration of studies takes 2 years. This time you wil get wide list of Chemical engineering activities.


Costs and how to reduce them studying for msc mechanical engineering


Likewise the similar master’s programs, the average cost takes about 9000€  per year. But there is an opportunity to reduce fees up to 5382€ per year. It is available for European students or selected students based on academic background excellence.


The main theme of your future curriculum


Major importance for modeling the behavior of industrial processes have multiphase flows. You will go through advanced courses on turbulence, coupling chemical reactions and flows, heat and mass transfers. Moreover, courses complementation contains exercises and practical training.  In addition,  students will train to work with Computational Fluid Dynamics tools (commercial codes but also research and industrial software).


MSc mechanical engineering Program contents 

The University of Toulouse builds the mechanical engineering graduate program according to innovative scientific requirements.

Fluids Mechanics and CFD

– Process Engineering and Industrial systems

– Compressible flows and Turbo-machines

– Advanced courses in Fluid Mechanics

– Numerical Analysis and Simulations

– Practical training on Fluid Mechanics

– Multiphase Flows and Reactions


Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena

– Turbulence in Fluids, Numerical Simulations

– Complex Fluids and Interfacial Phenomena

– Heterogeneous media and Multiphase Flows

– Transfer and Reactions


Also, there would be some individual Industrial Project that you will do to find your own keen on skills and practical approach.

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