Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

We are happy to tell you about our new agent  – Apogem travel agency “Apogem Recruitment Agency Ltd”.  Generally, the agency’s base is in Vancouver, Canada, but the agency’s professional sphere wides moreover, and there are about 1000  career opportunities at universities and companies.

Apogem can help you to associate the college

Likewise, they help to join the community, apply to the master’s bachelor’s or undergraduate program with all necessary information and procuring in Canada.


The Apogem Recruitment Agency also works in partnership with leading organizations colleges, and Universities around Canada. So, with these possibilities students make investing in their own future. With the development of world-class student study centers. Also, Apogem Recruitment prepares all terms to help international applicants for undergraduate and postgraduate study with both academic and English language support.   

Apogem travel agency Recruitment commits to provide the best possible online recruiting experience.

Above all, Apogem Recruitment holds the place of one of the leading recruiting companies from British Columbia. They provide jobs in areas of British Columbia Toronto, and Ontario. In addition, surrounding areas, are offered with staff for employers and vacancies. It’s affordable for candidates on a temporary or permanent basis.


The main industries in which Apogem Recruitment does recruit services are: warehouse personnel, nursing homes, logistics companies, bus companies, IT & engineering.


For international students, there are flexible and cost-effective recruiting solutions in all business sectors on a temporary or permanent basis. Agency has an exceptional reputation for its commitment to customer service and quality standards.




a Qualified Agent and Student Consultant that helps all colleges and universities in Canada. Their page is also in our site.



Apogem Agency works as an International Recruitment Agent, with the majority of universities and colleges. One of the agency’s goals is to develop and implement marketing and recruitment strategies in target countries. So they help students and companies find each other.  As an  International Student Recruitment Agent, the Apogem recruitment acts to be Counsellor for all applicants that need to make decisions or achieve some information for their case. Apply them at HigheredMe if you need help with the university in Canada or look for other opportunities.