École Ducasse Culinary arts diploma

Ducasse Culinary arts diploma is a great opportunity if you are you looking for an outstanding program in culinary arts, hospitality, or tourism.  And, if you dream about  Paris, of course. 

École Ducasse was Established in 1999 and since that time, become a globally recognized benchmark of excellence in culinary and pastry education. Sharing the experience and philosophy of iconic chef Alain Ducasse, the institution offers excellent practical skills.

Student’s culinary journey through this undergraduate program begins with learning the basics; then continues with advanced practice and then concludes with two-semester master classes. To look for programs details visit HigherEdMe

In your first semester

Students learn the fundamentals of the art of culinary and pastry, working in small classes under the guidance of our highly trained and experienced chefs-instructors. Likewise, you will also get to know modern cuisine and immerse yourself in the world of the restaurant business.

 Professional internships for Ducasse Culinary arts diploma

For instance, Your first professional internship is followed by an advanced practice semester. Again, in small classes, you will develop your skills in different types of cuisine, including Mediterranean cuisine, bistro, gastronomic and healthy and natural.

Secondly,  professional internship allows you to test your accumulated skills before you reach the zenith of the program with two semesters of culinary DIY classes. Moreover, they are taught in conjunction with a two-part Innovation Lab that will give you a unique perspective on future gastronomic trends.

Professional skills 

Personal expert skills and business education are equally important to success in the catering industry. As so, this undergraduate program includes a complete portfolio of academic courses focusing on business and management topics.


Over the course of four academic semesters, at Ducasse Culinary arts study subjects are:

Food technology

F&B manager

Procurement and supply chain

Financial and management accounting

Business English and Communication

Food Science and Nutrition

Conceptual design, architecture and engineering

Digital Marketing, Social Media & Sales

Entrepreneurship and business models

Project management

Your academic studies will rise up in the applying of an undergraduate business project where you will create your own catering concept and develop a real business plan to bring it to market.