Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

We are happy to tell you about our new agent  – Apogem travel agency “Apogem Recruitment Agency Ltd”.  Generally, the agency’s base is in Vancouver, Canada, but the agency’s professional sphere wides moreover, and there are about 1000  career opportunities at universities and companies.

Apogem can help you to associate the college

Likewise, they help to join the community, apply to the master’s bachelor’s or undergraduate program with all necessary information and procuring in Canada.


The Apogem Recruitment Agency also works in partnership with leading organizations colleges, and Universities around Canada. So, with these possibilities students make investing in their own future. With the development of world-class student study centers. Also, Apogem Recruitment prepares all terms to help international applicants for undergraduate and postgraduate study with both academic and English language support.   

Apogem travel agency Recruitment commits to provide the best possible online recruiting experience.

Above all, Apogem Recruitment holds the place of one of the leading recruiting companies from British Columbia. They provide jobs in areas of British Columbia Toronto, and Ontario. In addition, surrounding areas, are offered with staff for employers and vacancies. It’s affordable for candidates on a temporary or permanent basis.


The main industries in which Apogem Recruitment does recruit services are: warehouse personnel, nursing homes, logistics companies, bus companies, IT & engineering.


For international students, there are flexible and cost-effective recruiting solutions in all business sectors on a temporary or permanent basis. Agency has an exceptional reputation for its commitment to customer service and quality standards.




a Qualified Agent and Student Consultant that helps all colleges and universities in Canada. Their page is also in our site.



Apogem Agency works as an International Recruitment Agent, with the majority of universities and colleges. One of the agency’s goals is to develop and implement marketing and recruitment strategies in target countries. So they help students and companies find each other.  As an  International Student Recruitment Agent, the Apogem recruitment acts to be Counsellor for all applicants that need to make decisions or achieve some information for their case. Apply them at HigheredMe if you need help with the university in Canada or look for other opportunities.

Fluent mechanical engineering program in Toulouse

Fluent mechanical engineering program in Toulouse

New program about MSC mechanical engineering


If you are interested in studying msc advanced mechanical engineering, our new program might be interesting for you.


A Master’s degree in fluid mechanics will make state-of-the-art experts in FM and its application to raw material and energy transformation processes. It is settled at the Toulouse University. The duration of studies takes 2 years. This time you wil get wide list of Chemical engineering activities.


Costs and how to reduce them studying for msc mechanical engineering


Likewise the similar master’s programs, the average cost takes about 9000€  per year. But there is an opportunity to reduce fees up to 5382€ per year. It is available for European students or selected students based on academic background excellence.


The main theme of your future curriculum


Major importance for modeling the behavior of industrial processes have multiphase flows. You will go through advanced courses on turbulence, coupling chemical reactions and flows, heat and mass transfers. Moreover, courses complementation contains exercises and practical training.  In addition,  students will train to work with Computational Fluid Dynamics tools (commercial codes but also research and industrial software).


MSc mechanical engineering Program contents 

The University of Toulouse builds the mechanical engineering graduate program according to innovative scientific requirements.

Fluids Mechanics and CFD

– Process Engineering and Industrial systems

– Compressible flows and Turbo-machines

– Advanced courses in Fluid Mechanics

– Numerical Analysis and Simulations

– Practical training on Fluid Mechanics

– Multiphase Flows and Reactions


Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena

– Turbulence in Fluids, Numerical Simulations

– Complex Fluids and Interfacial Phenomena

– Heterogeneous media and Multiphase Flows

– Transfer and Reactions


Also, there would be some individual Industrial Project that you will do to find your own keen on skills and practical approach.

More articles about the Toulouse,  study in France 

Go & study Air Transport and Tourism  in France

Go & study Air Transport and Tourism in France

How to study Air Transport and Tourism  in France


 This article is useful for students who dream to go abroad and look forward study Air Transport and Tourism in France. Today we want to tell you about the way to apply MITAT of Toulouse’s University which full name is “ Master 2 International Management of Air Transport and Tourism”. 

 Why this program is good for becoming an air transport and tourism manager?

MBA 2  is suiting for those students, who decided to grade 5th year of the University program. Look more for  International Management for study Air Transport and Tourism  (MITAT) location is  – Paul Sabatier University, which settles in Toulouse, France. The program was started in September 2012.@M2MITAT

The curriculum is designed for students who want to equip with agile philosophy and skills. It is required to make a successful career in different sectors of the air transport and tourism industry.

What are MITAT courses about?

The area of expertise that students will study at Master 2 MITAT courses covers wide themes, related to both Air Transport and International Tourism. Also, various management skills are established to specialize students in appropriate areas.

Study as a professional

The program provides you professional experience, acquired  a thorough grounding. Students get international-level knowledge in all air transport and tourism issues. Professors will guide you in managerial, interpersonal, economics and language skills.

In addition, most of the lecture modules include study project sessions.  The expert visitors will read extra seminars and give students some opportunities to discuss current topics within the industry.

The Air transport and tourism study program structure

The course consists of issues that graduates will have to complete during the 2 semesters of studying:

  • 5 core modules that include Methodology and communication tools
  • Economics & Management applied to Air Transport and Tourism
  • One individual research project
  • Project Management
  • Professional Training Programme that goes about 4 – 6 months

Each module is assessed by an examination, some of them also are validated with an assignment.

The appropriate  period to study Air Transport and tourism in France

The MITAT course is organized in 12 months. The program accents are based on the academic teaching period from September till April.  The total time of studying counts for this study part is 30 ECTS.  Furthermore, the work placement period of practice in international companies starts from April to September. Likewise, it counts for 30 ECTS.

So, the total time of the course is composed from 60 ECTS.

When and how to apply for studying Air transport and tourism

   The time to make your application starts in March and continues till June.To make your application easy and quick, you can do it with our international study platform. Join to discover more about HigheredMe opportunities and go study Air transport and tourism in France this year.

Become an international student candidate

Studying abroad brings many benefits, but finding the perfect match for your project can be complicated and really time-consuming.
With HigherEdMe, you stay focus on your studies and outstanding opportunities to go abroad will come to you without efforts!
Learn French study program in the South of France

Learn French study program in the South of France

 Do you dream about studying in France?

Learn French with permanent coaching study program. Sing up to look for details about a pedagogical team   @LSFMontpellier


The learn French course is developed around 3 axes

  • Students are never alone during your French learning. You can be any level from the beginning. We subsequently guide you from A1 to C2 level
  • Program contains over 400 training modules. You will train with 6 000 different exercises
  • Main 7 language studying themes: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production, and phonetics.


Become Master of written interactions with learn French course

Nowadays, writing skills and interactions occupy a very important place. You need to totally confident in what to write at your professional communications. Also course is useful for students who are looking for exchanges in France and for social networks.

Students have the autonomy of studying shedule control

The pace of learning varies from your needs. In addition you can find the rhythm of learning that suits you and use the best study strain.

Understanding that helps you to study

If you get answers to all your questions, you can move forward quickly.

On learning French course you will find all kinds of courses. They take time during 48 weeks of lessons from A1 to C1/C2 levels.

The course has 48 Specific learning modules.

For each level you will find the goals to be reached/ All objectives will appear on lesson sheets, videos, self-correcting exercises. In addition, you will use written and oral comprehension and expression exercises.

A huge pedagogical catalog

Learning French program gives you access to a catalog of more than 400 à la carte modules. They organize 7 learning spheres: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production and phonetics.

During the studies firstly, you can ask as many questions as you like. Secondly, you receive personalized answers to all that is needed. Referent teachers are constantly coaching students.  They give you advice and help to make a progress.

How to start the learn French course

In the beginning, go-to HigherEdMe and apply for a studying program. Then you’ll take an online test to assess your level of French and discover your needs. After that, we form a study program corresponding to your language level. However, we can discuss a personalized curriculum to achieve your specific goals.

You wouldn’t be alone in your discipleship – because of contact with a school community of French language.

Study abroad – Air transport & Aerospace programs

Study abroad – Air transport & Aerospace programs

Study aerospace in France : new Air transport & Aerospace engineering programs

If you want to study aerospace in France, we’ve published some new educational programs in addition to a study in France overview, go to see them here

And there’s a short review about your opportunities at ENAC, for instance:

1. International Air Transport Operation Management – a 2-year program for students who hold a Bachelor degree in a relevant subject.

The master IATOM is an international program to meet global aeronautical and aviation industry needs.
Scholarship: ISTAT scholarship for 2 students per year, GIFAS (French Aerospace Industry Group)
Worksphere : integrated aircraft manufacturers, consulting companies, airlines, airports.
Career opportunities: a kind of an engineer focused on flight operations, safety , aircraft performance and Airport Compatibility .  
Moreover, you can become a maintenance or marketing manager, airlines operations planning. 
Secondly, you can hold a profession of  Customer Support Engineer. Build a career of Project Manager Final Assembly Line of aircraft.
In addition, you will be able  to handle responsibilities for PD Analyst in Airlines Inventory. Use Flight analyst and a few more.

2. International Air Transport System Engineering and Design

Likewise, takes  2 years.
The program provides similarly, GIFAS Scholarship by the French Aerospace Industry Group.
The curriculum contains aircraft design, manufacturing, airline operations. You will learn  integrated Air Traffic Management, Airport operations, economical and technical up-to-date disciplines.
Career: graduates will be able to master the  state-of-art innovations .  That means, you’ll become a polyvalent engineer competent in system design. You will do quick and efficient programminng, using huge quantity of information..

3. Aerospace System Navigation and Telecommunications – Study aerospace in France

Study aerospace in France above all, could give you in-depth knowledge in aeronautical operations engineering.
Studying term is also 2 years, with ISTAT scholarship for students from GIFAS.
The curriculum includes advanced education in Satellite-based technologies, Positioning and Space Telecommunications.

It’s all about GNSS

The studying aims to receive skills for the steadily growing GNSS industry.
Students acquire knowledge in the GNSS field and related applications. Furthermore, they will learn to develop global and regional satellite-based navigation systems worldwide.
Career : The ATM industry has high demands for specialists related to the SESAR (Europe) and NextGen (US) programs. Also you will be supported by international organizations as Thales Alenia Space, ISMB, GMV, IC GNSS .