Eloce Ducasse French pastry arts

Eloce Ducasse French pastry arts

Become a French pastry arts chef with Highered.me


Have you ever dreamed about French pastry arts? Create out-standing desserts, wedding cakes, artisan bread, nice cupcakes, sweet candies, for example.

Since 1999, École Ducasse helps students from any part of the world to become culinary and pastry masters, inspired by the vision of legendary chef Alain Ducasse. Also, this is the second Bachelor’s program of Ecole Ducasse that we are writing about.


About French pastry art Bachelor degree


Ecole Ducasse is a member of Sommet Education, the world’s leading hotel management education group.  Likewise, when you study this program, you will discover French excellence and expertise in culinary and confectionery.

The program is highly specialized. So, Students spend three years for the unique combination of pastry craftsmanship and the professional restaurant business management know-how. The course can go both in English or French.  Apply now at Highered.me


Curriculum vitae of french pastry students

The class size for this program is limited to 14 students. Moreover, they will have an opportunity to make over 1,800 hours of hands-on training in french pastry arts.  Also, students visit the management seminars delivered by world-class confectionery professionals. 

Above all, the studying & training time will due in two professional internships in renowned companies that are part of our network, where you can realize the acquired knowledge into practice.




École Ducasse’s has two campuses – in Paris and Yssingeaux, in France’s Haute-Loire region. The Paris campus is a new flagship building that occupies a purpose-built 5,000 sq. M in the prestigious suburb of Meudon. It is just 10 km from the center of the French capital. The campus is famous as a modern center for culinary education. It includes four technical rooms for introductory culinary education and two specialized rooms for professional culinary education. The campus also has technical spaces for teaching pastry and bakery products. The sensory analysis room and two restaurants are located on campus to help students realize their knowledge and make their culinary success become open to the public.

your points of studying Business  Economics at the Rennes1 University

your points of studying Business Economics at the Rennes1 University

The BP in Business and Applied Economics at the University of Rennes 1


What are your opportunities studying business economics at Rennes1?


  • The Bachelor Program in the Rennes1 university gives a full-stack knowledge in all important economical subjects.
  • the course goes in English in small group classes. 
  • You will use the Bloomberg database and take the Bloomberg certificate (BMC).
  • Moreover the main curriculum you can take an internship (up to 3 months) after the two academic semesters.
  • In addition, you can study French as a foreign language.


 So, The Bachelor Program in Business and Applied Economics is a two-semester program. 

Generally, the lectures cover a broad range of Economic topics: microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied, public, international, and business economics, and so on. The full subject list you can find, if you visit our site program page.


Likewise, the opportunity to learn and use the Bloomberg database is a great benefit for students who plan to make a career in business. Subsequently, you will take the Bloomberg certificate (BMC).


 Senior lecturers are teaching the Courses from the Rennes Faculty of Economics.


To enhance your immersion in France, you will also have the opportunity to study French. Depending on your level, you may consider different proficiency courses: beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced.


After the two academic semesters, you can take an internship (up to 3 months) in the proficient projects offered by Rennes University’s authoritys .


What types of assistance are optional for students of business economics at Rennes1 ?:


– full Course support by Professors and Heads of program

– Administrative support

– integration and  lodging support by the program coordinator,

– support of the International Office and the International Mobility Center


Selection criteria for Business and Applied economics students in Rennes:


– Proficiency level in Economics, General Management and Quantitative skills


– at least two years of undergraduate studies in economics. 

We will consider the average of your grades from the last three years as well as the grades of specific courses.


To discover other French university opportunities, look here.

Learn French study program in the South of France

Learn French study program in the South of France

 Do you dream about studying in France?

Learn French with permanent coaching study program. Sing up to look for details about a pedagogical team   @LSFMontpellier


The learn French course is developed around 3 axes

  • Students are never alone during your French learning. You can be any level from the beginning. We subsequently guide you from A1 to C2 level
  • Program contains over 400 training modules. You will train with 6 000 different exercises
  • Main 7 language studying themes: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production, and phonetics.


Become Master of written interactions with learn French course

Nowadays, writing skills and interactions occupy a very important place. You need to totally confident in what to write at your professional communications. Also course is useful for students who are looking for exchanges in France and for social networks.

Students have the autonomy of studying shedule control

The pace of learning varies from your needs. In addition you can find the rhythm of learning that suits you and use the best study strain.

Understanding that helps you to study

If you get answers to all your questions, you can move forward quickly.

On learning French course you will find all kinds of courses. They take time during 48 weeks of lessons from A1 to C1/C2 levels.

The course has 48 Specific learning modules.

For each level you will find the goals to be reached/ All objectives will appear on lesson sheets, videos, self-correcting exercises. In addition, you will use written and oral comprehension and expression exercises.

A huge pedagogical catalog

Learning French program gives you access to a catalog of more than 400 à la carte modules. They organize 7 learning spheres: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production and phonetics.

During the studies firstly, you can ask as many questions as you like. Secondly, you receive personalized answers to all that is needed. Referent teachers are constantly coaching students.  They give you advice and help to make a progress.

How to start the learn French course

In the beginning, go-to HigherEdMe and apply for a studying program. Then you’ll take an online test to assess your level of French and discover your needs. After that, we form a study program corresponding to your language level. However, we can discuss a personalized curriculum to achieve your specific goals.

You wouldn’t be alone in your discipleship – because of contact with a school community of French language.

Study abroad – Air transport & Aerospace programs

Study abroad – Air transport & Aerospace programs

Study aerospace in France : new Air transport & Aerospace engineering programs

If you want to study aerospace in France, we’ve published some new educational programs in addition to a study in France overview, go to see them here

And there’s a short review about your opportunities at ENAC, for instance:

1. International Air Transport Operation Management – a 2-year program for students who hold a Bachelor degree in a relevant subject.

The master IATOM is an international program to meet global aeronautical and aviation industry needs.
Scholarship: ISTAT scholarship for 2 students per year, GIFAS (French Aerospace Industry Group)
Worksphere : integrated aircraft manufacturers, consulting companies, airlines, airports.
Career opportunities: a kind of an engineer focused on flight operations, safety , aircraft performance and Airport Compatibility .  
Moreover, you can become a maintenance or marketing manager, airlines operations planning. 
Secondly, you can hold a profession of  Customer Support Engineer. Build a career of Project Manager Final Assembly Line of aircraft.
In addition, you will be able  to handle responsibilities for PD Analyst in Airlines Inventory. Use Flight analyst and a few more.

2. International Air Transport System Engineering and Design

Likewise, takes  2 years.
The program provides similarly, GIFAS Scholarship by the French Aerospace Industry Group.
The curriculum contains aircraft design, manufacturing, airline operations. You will learn  integrated Air Traffic Management, Airport operations, economical and technical up-to-date disciplines.
Career: graduates will be able to master the  state-of-art innovations .  That means, you’ll become a polyvalent engineer competent in system design. You will do quick and efficient programminng, using huge quantity of information..

3. Aerospace System Navigation and Telecommunications – Study aerospace in France

Study aerospace in France above all, could give you in-depth knowledge in aeronautical operations engineering.
Studying term is also 2 years, with ISTAT scholarship for students from GIFAS.
The curriculum includes advanced education in Satellite-based technologies, Positioning and Space Telecommunications.

It’s all about GNSS

The studying aims to receive skills for the steadily growing GNSS industry.
Students acquire knowledge in the GNSS field and related applications. Furthermore, they will learn to develop global and regional satellite-based navigation systems worldwide.
Career : The ATM industry has high demands for specialists related to the SESAR (Europe) and NextGen (US) programs. Also you will be supported by international organizations as Thales Alenia Space, ISMB, GMV, IC GNSS .



IELTS PASS:Get prepared for IELTS online

Did you know, that over 10,000 organizations worldwide recognize The IELTS for test exam?  In other words,  IELTS pass course will help to pass it within over 900 test centers across 140 countries.  Now their study program is published on https://app.highered.me ,you can sign up and see all details.

IELTS test measures English level proficiency for educational, immigration, and professional purposes. About 2 million people take this test every year. It will be useful both for freemover and exchange students also.

Experienced IELTS trainers and award-nominated writers crafted the  IELTS Pass  course, using up-to-date teaching tips.

During the course you will learn:

 – Lots of authentic test materials and real listening practice.  Above all, It is mobile-friendly.

– speaking, writing and understanding lots of specific words. Especially,  you will reach short, easy-going advices for different native English themes.

– worksheets and self-tests, mentorship from top IELTS tutors. 

If English is not your native language, the IELTS  pass course helps you to prepare for studying abroad. Moreover, universities submit IELTS exam scores as part of your application to study an English-taught curriculum. 

IELTS Pass will fill in every single task type that might appear in the exam list. Moreover, you will prepare for either the IELTS General or Academic test.  The course prepares students for all sections of the exam – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Most importantly, you will get confident with the language items that you use.

Above all, you will learn all the necessary skills, strategies and model answers needed to score a Band 9. 

Join thousands of students who are prepared for the IELTS  with the task-based strategy and in addition,  get all it can do for you. 

You will discover all the skills, strategies, and variants of answers needed for the best score. And go study abroad everywhere you want to go.


How to match your university

How to match your university

 How to match your university

  Searching from more than 2,725 colleges and institutions in Europe? Or in the world? Match your university right now!

Want to find the best feet with english speaking university? Sign upYou’re not alone in that challenge. But few steps would make things easier.


Firstly – sign up as a candidate at app.highered.me .  To match your university program, You also will be asked about preferences: country, budget, curriculum.

The next step is profile. Try to feel it with as many details as you can. It is really useful for communications.

When your profile gets over 50% you start to see educational programs with all details.

Often “best” is “most selective” instead of a place where you’ll thrive academically and socially.

That’s why you should focus on hospitality and learning opportunities first, and popularity live for second steps ( borrowing lots of money to attend a “name-brand” school isn’t necessary)

If you are looking forward study abroad, english taught universities in Europe could be more friendly and low-costing than others.

There is certainly more than one “right” educational establishment for you. Your little introspection will make big research.

Despite the good cost and programs, firstly, the collage should be:


  • Place where is comfortable being yourself—but also strive to become better.
  • Similar goals and interests with your collegemate surrounding
  • Campuses and dormitories have all services that are necessary for you

Curriculum expectations

  • breathtaking opportunities to study, play sports, taking part in internships & researches
  • experience that helps clarify your career plans, make contacts and join the useful clubs
  • Possibility for learning how to learn. Teacher’s team that can help you with skills of communication and problem-solving.

Price & conditions for university match

  • you can get this kind of education without breaking the bank and crazy amounts of student debt.
  • Scholarship, reduce, grants are available somehow
  • Making a contract with a university does not need a fascinating quantity of references or there is a way to make the process more simple.


Speaking of education costs, the HigherEdme unites many universities to help you always find a match with a college that meets your needs and your budget. So just start searching – your goal is closer than you think!