Fight procrastination day! Two tools to fight back!

Fight procrastination day! Two tools to fight back!

Do you know that almost every day of the year has its special international theme? And today is about procrastination, more precisely how to fight it.

We all procrastinate, don’t be too harsh on yourself about that (a study about procrastination proves that if you forgive yourself, you might be more productive on your next task). And when we choose to do something tomorrow rather than today we always have a reason (not a good one maybe but still a reason).

The first things to do to fight procrastination is to admit that we procrastinate and think why we don’t want to do the task in question.
Too big, too risky, too many distractions…

serious cat not impressed with your procrastination

You can make to-do lists, put headphones on to focus, rewarding yourself with kitten photos and chocolate chip cookies… There are many ways to fight procrastination. You have to find which one works best for you.

More than methods, I want to help you with anti-procrastination tools!

I chose two for you today. One that helps you to write killer essays and one that will help you on focus in a poetic way.

Tool 1: The website Citethisform

You have an essay to write and like most of us hate to do the bibliography. Just scan the barcode of all the books you need and ‘tada’, you will have your bibliography ready to download.They offer other helpful tools that will help you write your essay without any worry other than the actual writing.

view of the forest app

Tool 2: The app Forest

When you launch Forest on your smartphone, you plant a tree. The tree grows as long as you don’t do anything else with your phone. No more social apps that will distract you from your study sessions. This app has beautiful visuals and might help you stay focused and relaxed, along with the growing tree.

What will you do today? What will you not do today? Fight procrastination and do something that you’ve had on your mind for a while, without taking the time to deal with it!



You have two choices now, continue to procrastinate and read another post on this blog (Why not :Studying abroad : The foreign language issue) or fight the procrastination and do something you have to do now!


5 Tips to get through the first year of University

5 Tips to get through the first year of University

If you are going to University for the first time this year, you may have questions on how this big step in your life will turn out for you. For this reason and to help you a bit, I gathered 5 pieces of advice to have a better start and a successful year.


Tip 1: It’s dangerous to go alone!


Screenshot of The Legend of Zelda, showing a famous scene, in which Link receives a wooden sword from a nameless old man.


When arriving in your University, try to quickly find study groups. As a result, it will help you to meet new people. Not to mention it will also help you to understand new ideas faster and you will keep each other more motivated through the year. Working with many people, with a simple organization with WhatsApp, has only advantages.


Tip 2: How to make SOmeone happy = take Him/her to the library


You love your place because it is cozy and home. But for the same reasons, it is also not the most work_focused place you can be. All things considered, the library is the answer to numerous issues when we talk about studies. You have nclose by all the books you can need, a web connection, maybe some friends or the librarian to help you too.


Tip 3: Keep calm and carry on


Keep Calm and Carry On


You may encounter some difficulties along the way, receive a few or a lot 🙁 bad marks. To get through them, you have to keep your motivation up. It’s alway simple if you already have a project for the long term and think about it to re-boost your mind. If you don’t have one, and you are at University to explore what you can do, then don’t hesitate to create a smaller goal. For example, if you have a good first semester, you reward yourself with a trip to a nice place.


Tip 4: Shut Up And Don’t Take My Money!




With your student status, in many countries, you will have access to special prices. Check every time, especially for cultural outings or urban transport. In the same way, ask student associations too, they often give good tips and plans to buy at the best price the things you need.


Tip 5: It’s time for some Me time


It's Time for some ME Time


Don’t forget yoursefl! Take time to stay healthy in order to avoid burnout during the exam period. Eat home-made food regularly. And if you don’t know how to cook, the web is full of recipes for students like you. Cheap fast and easy but good meals are waiting for you. (
Equally important, make time for physical exercise. Universities are full of students sports clubs. You prefer the easy “lazy” solution? Walk a bit faster and say no to lift-elevators, try to go to the next bus/metro station on foot from time to time.


Need more Tips? Check our posts about Tips to prepare for an exam or Tips to get back to school





Study abroad photos 30 years later and scholarships!

I try a new kind of post today. Not quite a press review but close. I will aggregate here some post I found interesting in the week about study abroad stuff.
Today summary:

  • A woman has made a second trip abroad, and have made the most logical thing to do during her stay.
  • a post list 15 scholarship opportunities open to African students
  • fact about the benefits of studying abroad

30 years later, nothing has changed for Lisa Werner

During your study abroad trip, you make unforgettable memories. Lisa Werner from California has chosen to recreate them with a second abroad trip 30 years later.
You can read her story and see many photos on the HuffingtonPost:
Do you parents have done a study abroad trip too? Why not suggest them to go again and have fun with this simple idea 😉




On this photo, she is standing in front of the Cologne’s Cathedrale. Cologne is one of the 4 largest cities in Germany ( you can read more about Germany and German language here), She was also in France (City of Strasbourg).

Boost your study abroad project with Scholarship opportunities


I think that I may help some of you to realize their study abroad project with this information.

Africa, Top 15 scholarship opportunities

It’s a post with a list of 15 scholarship opportunities for African students.

Tokyo, China, Australia, Malaysia, Denmark… all those countries are possible destinations with those scholarships.

Read the full article here:

I look at them and I find this one really interesting:

Read more here :

If you are going to apply for one, tell us in the comments why!

Why do more and more people choose to study abroad?

The answer is very simple because, despite all the possible difficulties (Budget, administrative paper, unknown language), students gain a lot with this experience.

For the majority of students going abroad means:

  • a gain in maturity
  • a better understanding of their own cultural value
  • a boost in self-confidence
  • new skills useful for their future career

I know that most of you didn’t need to be convinced to go abroad, but maybe this fact will convince your parents if they have a bit afraid to let their child going far away.

I hope you will like this post, don’t hesitate to tell in the comments if you want to see more like this one!

I wish you a very good day.

Useful apps to follow you everywhere you go during your abroad studies

Useful apps to follow you everywhere you go during your abroad studies

Nowadays our smartphones do all the work for us and they are pretty useful when it comes to new situations. For example, when you study abroad you can need it to find a place to go, a good restaurant…

I found out for you some really great apps so you might want to have a look. I’ve tried some of them and they are so useful you’ll probably not be able to stop using it even when you are back home.

To help you find free wifi wherever you are

WiFi Map


To stay in touch with the ones you love

WhatsApp : Many people use it in their daily lives but I think it’s much more useful when you’re abroad and need to stay in touch with people. They’ll need to have the app too of course and you can even create group conversations.

Facebook : Well, who doesn’t know Facebook nowadays? Thanks to Facebook messenger you’ll be able to talk in private with people and thanks to Facebook you’ll be able to see what they are up to and share your daily life.

Skype : What’s better than a phone conversation instead of just writing text messages? Well, a video conversation of course! And thanks to Skype you’ll be able to video chat with one or even several persons.


To help you understand people

Google Translate : Need to know the meaning of a word or a sentence? Google helps you 🙂

The Intepreter : You don’t understand people’s accent? Their way of talking? Or you just need to make yourself understood? Well, this app is perfect as it recognises the voices and is able to translate them. A daily useful tool.


To brag about the amazing places you’ve seen

Instagram : Perfect for those who want to share amazing photos on a social network dedicated to that.

Snapchat : Want to send short videos or photos that’ll only remain a few seconds on your friend’s screen? Then Snapchat is made for you.


My PostCard Photocards : Send postcards of photos you took with your phone camera to the people you love and pay for them online. Fast and easy.


To help you travel

Skyscanner : For those who want to find the cheapest flights.

AirBnb : Hotels are too expensive for your small budget? Then renting a room or even an entire flat to private individuals on AirBnb might be the solution for you. It’s cheaper than staying at hotels and makes you meet new people.

Tripadvisor : What about this restaurant? Is it good or not? Read the opinions(and even photos) of people who went there and discover if you should try it or find another oneto have dinner at.

Uber : Taxis can be really expensive. Find a cheaper solution thanks to Uber. You can book your drive online.

GoogleMap : If you are like me and have no sense of direction, Google Map will help you find your way!

Around Me : Need help finding bars, coffee shops, gas stations, movie theaters, hospitals, hotels and many other places? Around Me is the app for you.


To be careful with your spendings

Money lover : Are you scared to spend too much during your trip? Money Lover is especially here for you to help you keep track of all your expenses.


Do you have any favorite app yourself and do you want to share it with us? Then do it in the commentary section and I might add yours to the list 🙂


-Emilie, Community Manager

How to find a job abroad

How to find a job abroad

Many of you will study abroad soon and will want to earn a living by working once in your host country. I’m giving you a few tips to find a job once you are settled.


1- Before everything, check if you are able to work in the country you are currently in


Every visa has its own particularities and some may not allow you to work in the country you chose to study in. That is why it is really important to choose carefully what visa you’ll get before leaving.


You can’t be angry if you haven’t picked the right visa, I warned you to be careful!


2- Look for opportunities


When you start searching a job, you should begin with the university’s career center. Not only they can help you but they also can prepare you for job interviews.

There are also a lot of websites helping you find the perfect job for you. (UK) (Australia) (US) (France) (Spain)

Also, you might want to have a look at supermarket chains and other important industries.


3- Get a kick-ass resume and motivation letter





No more boring CVs please! Express yourself through your motivation letter and your resume. It takes time to personalize each letter but trust me, it’s important and your soon-to-be employer will appreciate it.


4- Be prepared for the interview






Prepare in your mind all the questions you can be asked and what you should answer. And if a question pops up and you don’t know what to answer, don’t panic and take your time. You can do this!


5- Success!






We knew you could do this.

And if you still need help to find your study abroad program, we are here to help you 😉



-Emilie, Community Manager


What are the French scholarships available for international students

What are the French scholarships available for international students

France is becoming more and more attractive to international students. Is it its beautiful landscapes, its pastries or its arts? Whatever the reason is, many of you think it will be too expensive to join a School there and want to know more about the Scholarships you can get when studying in France as an international student. So I made some research especially for you and came across different Scholarships that you can get to come study in France. So get ready because here are the most famous ones:

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

It helps bring the best foreign students in the French higher education institutions for masters and Ph.D. degree programs. It was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Those who can get this scholarship will receive an allowance of €1,181 for the Master’s programs and of €1,400 for the Ph.D. program.

Moreover, the return trip, the health insurance, and the cultural activities are included and you can even be eligible for an additional accommodation allowance. Though, you’ll be charged with the tuition fees.


Scholarships offered by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

French government scholarships are allocated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for studies, training courses and language courses in France.

There is one organism that grants the majority of scholarships and that the students should contact: the SCAC (Cooperation and Cultural Action Departments) in their country of origin in order to get comprehensive information about scholarships, the criteria, the required documents or any other useful information.


ERASMUS Mundus Joint Master Degrees

This scholarship covers the student’s participation costs that are to say :

  • tuition fees,
  • library
  • laboratory costs,
  • full insurance coverage
  • many other costs related to your participation in the Master.

It also provides the students a contribution to their travel and their installation cost. Plus, it includes a monthly allowance for the entire duration of the program.The requirements are the following: you must have obtained a first higher education degree or an equivalent and live outside of the European Union.


Scholarships offered by Schools

  • ENS International Selection Scholarships. This scholarship enables some students to get a monthly grant of 1,000 Euros for three years. Indeed, the “École Normale Supérieure” organizes every year a selection of several international students who seem to be the most promising in order to offer them a scholarship. They’ll have to study Science or Arts & Humanities and follow a three-year Masters Degree at the University.
  • Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Non-EU Students at Sciences Po. It has different levels and you can get from 3,000 Euros to 19,000 Euros for the three years. To be eligible, the students have to be first time applicants, from a non-European Union state, and who have been admitted to the Undergraduate or Master’s program.
  • Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation Scholarship program. If you are applying for a Master’s degree at Grenoble Institute of Technology, you can be offered scholarships for international Master’s degree students. You can get up to 5000 euros per semester (2 terms maximum).


Many other Schools allow the students to get scholarships, so you might have a look at what a School offers. Most of the time, it will depend on your grades and your personality. So make sure to work well during your high school and undergraduate years!

If you want to know about the other scholarships available in France, visit this website.

And if you are looking for other worldwide scholarships, follow our Twitter account that retweets every scholarship offer from all over the world: The Scholarsheep Twitter Account.

So, ready to study in France? 😉 Then make your study abroad wish on our platform


-Emilie, Community Manager