Go study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with HigherEdMe

Go study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with HigherEdMe

Go study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with HigherEdMe

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAOM) program is developed to provide a completely professional level of education in oriental medicine.  This is a unique program that  HigherEdMe posted for students that want to go study in California. The program prepares graduates who can practice in a clinical setting or like themself. This oriental program combines biomedicine, general medical instructions. The course emphasizes an integrated and holistic approach to healthcare.

Also, the applicants who have the intention to participate in national or state licensing examinations are expected to receive a few positions. They are acupuncturists and oriental medicine practitioners. 


Who is the oriental acupuncturist?

In California, a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) calls a primary care practitioner who is able to practice independently acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, oriental massage, acupressure, and, subsequently, breathing techniques within the scope of this practice. 

In addition, the Graduates will  identify medical emergency situations and conduct standardized procedures, including referrals to other primary healthcare professionals, emergency actions, and compliance with legal regulations.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine University

The program of acupuncture medicine situates in Baylo Southern University. It has two campuses in the Graduate School of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles and Anaheim, California. Founded in 1977, the university offers fully accredits masters and doctoral programs in acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Nowadays Baylo Southern Graduating with more practicing physicians than any other  school in America. Moreover, South Baylo University is a leader in Asian medicine education.

In addition, Baylo Southern University teaches all students academically and through the core value of HARMONY.  Moreover, they learn the philosophy of the 3 types – harmony of the body, harmony of mind, and harmony of life.

Subsequently, for over forty years, the best acupuncturists have believed that South Baylo University provides the highest quality medical education. Nowadays, its graduates are applying ancient art to the science of healing. In conclusion, other study-abroad programs you can look in our blog.

International education agents

International education agents

The international education agents.

Who are the international education agents? And why should you choose them or not?

The partnership was critical to international education through the ages. Whether it’s was an international student seeking advice, or a college working  a payments provider. The main purpose of an educational agent is to make the relations between schools and students effective and convenient.

 An agent can facilitate student tuition payments, and consult you if the university that you have chosen, will really meet your expectation. The international education community pyramid stay on a solid foundation of partnerships and Agents are one of the cornerstones.

Education agents are an important part of the worldwide education industry.  The education institutions value and respect agents. Moreover the students they assist to, enroll and study in any world country and even find a good internship or job more often than the others. The majority of agents are recognized for their high standards and levels of service.


Purpose of international education agents


Since 2010th, the international provider registrations and International Management System (PRISMS)  enabled institutions to record the impact of international education. In addition, it is to know how agents go in enrolling and applying students. The institution-based reports about the student enrolment outcomes from the institution’s agents. The number of applicants and institutions connected thanks to the performance of their agents rises up every ear.


The Government Departments of Education are currently undertaking work to assist institutions to meet their agents. Likewise, in the earlier times, it is because of the obligations to deal with agents who meet the ethical standards set out in the international traditions.

 This work seeks to recognize the valuable role that international educational agents play and to share the good work achieved by most agents.

In the past, minor people had possibilities to go to study or work in different countries. But times have changed for the better. Countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and most of mainland Europe want to offer education and jobs highly desirable to today’s prospective international students. 

The goals and opportunities

It’s not just that they pay money, but they also provide an opportunity to develop talent and grow in order to contribute. Aside from better-paying jobs and a renowned advanced degree, this is an even more exciting experience to be gained.

Education agents often take responsibility to introduce people to great opportunities. Agency acts as an advisor who helps prospective students young people to meet their future possibilities. Their roles are varied. An overseas consultant greatly influences the life of a person who comes for proper advice. Agents help with an important study abroad decision.

In most cases, in order to understand the point of view, and find the best solution, all communications about transactions take place face to face. Each client gets an individual approach because there are no two exactly the same cases.

With Highered.me you can start your own partnership with the best world’s agents and make your way to the goal faster and easier.

International agents role 

Agents play an important role in the lives of their clients. They maintain the truth and treating people who seek advice with integrity is vital. There are certain techniques that the consultant can follow to maintain the integrity of the entire process.



IELTS PASS:Get prepared for IELTS online

Did you know, that over 10,000 organizations worldwide recognize The IELTS for test exam?  In other words,  IELTS pass course will help to pass it within over 900 test centers across 140 countries.  Now their study program is published on https://app.highered.me ,you can sign up and see all details.

IELTS test measures English level proficiency for educational, immigration, and professional purposes. About 2 million people take this test every year. It will be useful both for freemover and exchange students also.

Experienced IELTS trainers and award-nominated writers crafted the  IELTS Pass  course, using up-to-date teaching tips.

During the course you will learn:

 – Lots of authentic test materials and real listening practice.  Above all, It is mobile-friendly.

– speaking, writing and understanding lots of specific words. Especially,  you will reach short, easy-going advices for different native English themes.

– worksheets and self-tests, mentorship from top IELTS tutors. 

If English is not your native language, the IELTS  pass course helps you to prepare for studying abroad. Moreover, universities submit IELTS exam scores as part of your application to study an English-taught curriculum. 

IELTS Pass will fill in every single task type that might appear in the exam list. Moreover, you will prepare for either the IELTS General or Academic test.  The course prepares students for all sections of the exam – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Most importantly, you will get confident with the language items that you use.

Above all, you will learn all the necessary skills, strategies and model answers needed to score a Band 9. 

Join thousands of students who are prepared for the IELTS  with the task-based strategy and in addition,  get all it can do for you. 

You will discover all the skills, strategies, and variants of answers needed for the best score. And go study abroad everywhere you want to go.


How to match your university

How to match your university

 How to match your university

  Searching from more than 2,725 colleges and institutions in Europe? Or in the world? Match your university right now!

Want to find the best feet with english speaking university? Sign upYou’re not alone in that challenge. But few steps would make things easier.


Firstly – sign up as a candidate at app.highered.me .  To match your university program, You also will be asked about preferences: country, budget, curriculum.

The next step is profile. Try to feel it with as many details as you can. It is really useful for communications.

When your profile gets over 50% you start to see educational programs with all details.

Often “best” is “most selective” instead of a place where you’ll thrive academically and socially.

That’s why you should focus on hospitality and learning opportunities first, and popularity live for second steps ( borrowing lots of money to attend a “name-brand” school isn’t necessary)

If you are looking forward study abroad, english taught universities in Europe could be more friendly and low-costing than others.

There is certainly more than one “right” educational establishment for you. Your little introspection will make big research.

Despite the good cost and programs, firstly, the collage should be:


  • Place where is comfortable being yourself—but also strive to become better.
  • Similar goals and interests with your collegemate surrounding
  • Campuses and dormitories have all services that are necessary for you

Curriculum expectations

  • breathtaking opportunities to study, play sports, taking part in internships & researches
  • experience that helps clarify your career plans, make contacts and join the useful clubs
  • Possibility for learning how to learn. Teacher’s team that can help you with skills of communication and problem-solving.

Price & conditions for university match

  • you can get this kind of education without breaking the bank and crazy amounts of student debt.
  • Scholarship, reduce, grants are available somehow
  • Making a contract with a university does not need a fascinating quantity of references or there is a way to make the process more simple.


Speaking of education costs, the HigherEdme unites many universities to help you always find a match with a college that meets your needs and your budget. So just start searching – your goal is closer than you think!


5 cool opportunities to study science in France

5 cool opportunities to study science in France

5 programs for students to become a great scientist – or why you should study science in France

Are you dreaming of science? Have some ideas that could become a discovery? This post is about your opportunity to realize your goal. Go to study science in France and make an international career. For some details look here

1. Cancer Aging & Rejuvenation master’s program at Université de Toulouse

Find out, how to make human life better by studying Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicine, cancer, Ageing and Rejuvenation.
+Cool modern laboratories,
+2 years of study.

2. Industrial BioTechnology for a Bio-Based Economy (BioTechEco)

Across-disciplinary educational program by Toulouse Tech that, likewise,  includes life sciences, chemical and bioprocess engineering, bioethics, sustainability, economics, and environmental regulations.

+ 6-month internship at a research laboratory of the university consortium or an industrial company.
+ high-quality teaching delivered by lecturers and researchers from universities ranked among the 300 best institutions in the world (NTU and ARWU rankings, 2020).

3. Space Communication Systems: from engineering to end-to-end systems.

2 years, Université de Toulouse
The teaching staff is composed of faculty members who are part of major French research laboratories and experts of satellite industry. The SATCOM systems program trains autonomous graduates in the field of satellite telecommunications.
4. International Master of Functional biology & Ecology by INRAE –
2 years, fundamental research in agriculture, discovering natural land &waste management, and remediation to become a scientific advisor, researcher, or engineer. “Master Mobility grant” to finance the mobility of M2 students – in France or abroad.

5. Electronics systems for embedded and Communicating Applications.

2 years, Embedded Electronics Design, Radio-Frequencies, Digital Signal and Image Processing disciplines.
You will create an A 100h research project in a research institution and
A 6 months final project as a trainee in a laboratory or in the industry with minimum wages 500 € / month
also Université de Toulouse

If you dream  to study science, get this chance and go to France

Up-to-date labs, qualified mentors, friendly and sophisticated community…
interested? look for details on https://app.highered.me/

5 Tips to get through the first year of University

5 Tips to get through the first year of University

If you are going to University for the first time this year, you may have questions on how this big step in your life will turn out for you. For this reason and to help you a bit, I gathered 5 pieces of advice to have a better start and a successful year.


Tip 1: It’s dangerous to go alone!


Screenshot of The Legend of Zelda, showing a famous scene, in which Link receives a wooden sword from a nameless old man.


When arriving in your University, try to quickly find study groups. As a result, it will help you to meet new people. Not to mention it will also help you to understand new ideas faster and you will keep each other more motivated through the year. Working with many people, with a simple organization with WhatsApp, has only advantages.


Tip 2: How to make SOmeone happy = take Him/her to the library


You love your place because it is cozy and home. But for the same reasons, it is also not the most work_focused place you can be. All things considered, the library is the answer to numerous issues when we talk about studies. You have nclose by all the books you can need, a web connection, maybe some friends or the librarian to help you too.


Tip 3: Keep calm and carry on


Keep Calm and Carry On


You may encounter some difficulties along the way, receive a few or a lot 🙁 bad marks. To get through them, you have to keep your motivation up. It’s alway simple if you already have a project for the long term and think about it to re-boost your mind. If you don’t have one, and you are at University to explore what you can do, then don’t hesitate to create a smaller goal. For example, if you have a good first semester, you reward yourself with a trip to a nice place.


Tip 4: Shut Up And Don’t Take My Money!




With your student status, in many countries, you will have access to special prices. Check every time, especially for cultural outings or urban transport. In the same way, ask student associations too, they often give good tips and plans to buy at the best price the things you need.


Tip 5: It’s time for some Me time


It's Time for some ME Time


Don’t forget yoursefl! Take time to stay healthy in order to avoid burnout during the exam period. Eat home-made food regularly. And if you don’t know how to cook, the web is full of recipes for students like you. Cheap fast and easy but good meals are waiting for you. (https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-survive-student-basic-recipes)
Equally important, make time for physical exercise. Universities are full of students sports clubs. You prefer the easy “lazy” solution? Walk a bit faster and say no to lift-elevators, try to go to the next bus/metro station on foot from time to time.


Need more Tips? Check our posts about Tips to prepare for an exam or Tips to get back to school