International education agents

International education agents

The international education agents.

Who are the international education agents? And why should you choose them or not?

The partnership was critical to international education through the ages. Whether it’s was an international student seeking advice, or a college working  a payments provider. The main purpose of an educational agent is to make the relations between schools and students effective and convenient.

 An agent can facilitate student tuition payments, and consult you if the university that you have chosen, will really meet your expectation. The international education community pyramid stay on a solid foundation of partnerships and Agents are one of the cornerstones.

Education agents are an important part of the worldwide education industry.  The education institutions value and respect agents. Moreover the students they assist to, enroll and study in any world country and even find a good internship or job more often than the others. The majority of agents are recognized for their high standards and levels of service.


Purpose of international education agents


Since 2010th, the international provider registrations and International Management System (PRISMS)  enabled institutions to record the impact of international education. In addition, it is to know how agents go in enrolling and applying students. The institution-based reports about the student enrolment outcomes from the institution’s agents. The number of applicants and institutions connected thanks to the performance of their agents rises up every ear.


The Government Departments of Education are currently undertaking work to assist institutions to meet their agents. Likewise, in the earlier times, it is because of the obligations to deal with agents who meet the ethical standards set out in the international traditions.

 This work seeks to recognize the valuable role that international educational agents play and to share the good work achieved by most agents.

In the past, minor people had possibilities to go to study or work in different countries. But times have changed for the better. Countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, and most of mainland Europe want to offer education and jobs highly desirable to today’s prospective international students. 

The goals and opportunities

It’s not just that they pay money, but they also provide an opportunity to develop talent and grow in order to contribute. Aside from better-paying jobs and a renowned advanced degree, this is an even more exciting experience to be gained.

Education agents often take responsibility to introduce people to great opportunities. Agency acts as an advisor who helps prospective students young people to meet their future possibilities. Their roles are varied. An overseas consultant greatly influences the life of a person who comes for proper advice. Agents help with an important study abroad decision.

In most cases, in order to understand the point of view, and find the best solution, all communications about transactions take place face to face. Each client gets an individual approach because there are no two exactly the same cases.

With you can start your own partnership with the best world’s agents and make your way to the goal faster and easier.

International agents role 

Agents play an important role in the lives of their clients. They maintain the truth and treating people who seek advice with integrity is vital. There are certain techniques that the consultant can follow to maintain the integrity of the entire process.

Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

We are happy to tell you about our new agent  – Apogem travel agency “Apogem Recruitment Agency Ltd”.  Generally, the agency’s base is in Vancouver, Canada, but the agency’s professional sphere wides moreover, and there are about 1000  career opportunities at universities and companies.

Apogem can help you to associate the college

Likewise, they help to join the community, apply to the master’s bachelor’s or undergraduate program with all necessary information and procuring in Canada.


The Apogem Recruitment Agency also works in partnership with leading organizations colleges, and Universities around Canada. So, with these possibilities students make investing in their own future. With the development of world-class student study centers. Also, Apogem Recruitment prepares all terms to help international applicants for undergraduate and postgraduate study with both academic and English language support.   

Apogem travel agency Recruitment commits to provide the best possible online recruiting experience.

Above all, Apogem Recruitment holds the place of one of the leading recruiting companies from British Columbia. They provide jobs in areas of British Columbia Toronto, and Ontario. In addition, surrounding areas, are offered with staff for employers and vacancies. It’s affordable for candidates on a temporary or permanent basis.


The main industries in which Apogem Recruitment does recruit services are: warehouse personnel, nursing homes, logistics companies, bus companies, IT & engineering.


For international students, there are flexible and cost-effective recruiting solutions in all business sectors on a temporary or permanent basis. Agency has an exceptional reputation for its commitment to customer service and quality standards.




a Qualified Agent and Student Consultant that helps all colleges and universities in Canada. Their page is also in our site.



Apogem Agency works as an International Recruitment Agent, with the majority of universities and colleges. One of the agency’s goals is to develop and implement marketing and recruitment strategies in target countries. So they help students and companies find each other.  As an  International Student Recruitment Agent, the Apogem recruitment acts to be Counsellor for all applicants that need to make decisions or achieve some information for their case. Apply them at HigheredMe if you need help with the university in Canada or look for other opportunities.

Freemover or exchange student? How to study abroad

Freemover or exchange student? How to study abroad

Hello, everyone! In today’s post, I will explain some of the main differences between being an exchange student and being a free mover.

I’ll start with the definition provided by Wikipedia:

Mobile students are usually divided into two groups: Free movers are students who travel entirely on their own initiative, while exchange students use exchange programmes at a department, faculty, institution, or national level (such as Erasmus, Nordplus or Fulbright). Now that you know the fundamental difference, here are the main practical ones.

N°1: Accommodation

The international office welcomes the exchange students and helps them to find accommodation, and follow them during their stay.. As a free mover, you will receive the same help that the usual local student. Don’t count too much on it ;p As a free mover, you have to be a bit more prepared than an exchange student. For example,  it will be essential to know the basics of the country’s’ national language in order to be more independent for day to day life. fre mover, street, alone, man

N°2 Money, money, money

Exchange students usually benefit from an existing partnership between the Universities and  they can keep their student status from their home during their trip abroad.  They also receive grants or scholarships more easily. Free movers will have the same status as local students. They will have to look for specific scholarships in their home country and their host country to fund their experience abroad.

N°3 Social Life

joung, smile, asian, girl, SVM Welcoming International students is always an event for a University and its students. And with networks like Erasmus, exchange students are often invited to a lot of activities and parties. Not to mention that exchange students often move in groups and stay together in similar places. So their time abroad will be a completely different experience from the one of free movers, in regard of this aspect. The interesting part in studying abroad as a free mover is to live a much more immersive experience. You won’t be in the special cocoon in which exchange students are. So you will have to push yourself to adapt and truly understand a different culture and environment. And that is quite a challenge, don’t you think?
New! Explore abroad campus with amazing 360° videos

New! Explore abroad campus with amazing 360° videos

More and more videos are filmed in 360° or 180°.

These videos in 180° and 360° formats answer the need for immersive experiences. You can find them on all the Social Network, you can watch Broadway shows, Sports videos or travel at free cost on google street view. In the light of this fact, at HigherEdMe, we thought that maybe you can have one more use of those innovating videos. Why not check your future campus abroad.

360 degree camera video during the footage - abroad campus videos

Where will you be studying next year? How will be the Housing? Will be good sports facilities? Is the neighborhood safe?

When you are going abroad, why not have a real look of your campus without an expensive trip.
In the near future, you will see before moving abroad a lot of this videos. Each one about places you will go and activities you will have there like how your housing, classrooms, or labs will be or what extra activities they offer. Coupled with alumni or teachers interviews, we think that we can really help you to project your future abroad self.

Then with this in mind and with a partnership with Le Pôle Léonard de Vinci and Captiv360°, we made this cool video that presents the Pôle Léonard de Vinci. The Pôle Léonard de Vinci is a French school of management located in Paris.


About The School:

Ideally situated in the heart of La Défense business district, the Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci unites more than 3500 students within its four schools which deliver degrees which are recognized by employers: the Graduate School of Engineering (ESILV), the Management School (EMLV), the Institute of Internet & Multimedia (IIM) and the School of Developers (DEVSCHOOL).The Institute of Executive Education (ILV) and the CFA Léonard de Vinci are also located within the Pole.

More information on their website:

In addition, if you wish to study in France, we already have some post that can interest you :

How we did it:

Thanks to the team of Captiv360°, all the footage turned in a day. You can see in the video some students of the school that came especially to help too. And special thanks to Pascal Brouaye, the Dean of Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci who agreed to participate.

Of course, we hope to have more and more videos like that in the future. What do you think about it? Do you enjoy the video, does it give you to know more about the school that it presents? Share your thoughts in the comments!

By the way, if you are interested in The Pôle Léonard De Vinci, create your profile on HigherEdMe : Create a free account

Study abroad photos 30 years later and scholarships!

I try a new kind of post today. Not quite a press review but close. I will aggregate here some post I found interesting in the week about study abroad stuff. Today summary:
  • A woman has made a second trip abroad, and have made the most logical thing to do during her stay.
  • a post list 15 scholarship opportunities open to African students
  • fact about the benefits of studying abroad

30 years later, nothing has changed for Lisa Werner

During your study abroad trip, you make unforgettable memories. Lisa Werner from California has chosen to recreate them with a second abroad trip 30 years later. You can read her story and see many photos on the HuffingtonPost: Do you parents have done a study abroad trip too? Why not suggest them to go again and have fun with this simple idea 😉    
On this photo, she is standing in front of the Cologne’s Cathedrale. Cologne is one of the 4 largest cities in Germany ( you can read more about Germany and German language here), She was also in France (City of Strasbourg).

Boost your study abroad project with Scholarship opportunities

I think that I may help some of you to realize their study abroad project with this information.
Africa, Top 15 scholarship opportunities It’s a post with a list of 15 scholarship opportunities for African students. Tokyo, China, Australia, Malaysia, Denmark… all those countries are possible destinations with those scholarships. Read the full article here:
I look at them and I find this one really interesting:Read more here : If you are going to apply for one, tell us in the comments why!

Why do more and more people choose to study abroad?

The answer is very simple because, despite all the possible difficulties (Budget, administrative paper, unknown language), students gain a lot with this experience. For the majority of students going abroad means:
  • a gain in maturity
  • a better understanding of their own cultural value
  • a boost in self-confidence
  • new skills useful for their future career
I know that most of you didn’t need to be convinced to go abroad, but maybe this fact will convince your parents if they have a bit afraid to let their child going far away. I hope you will like this post, don’t hesitate to tell in the comments if you want to see more like this one! I wish you a very good day.
Study Business in the Caribbean in Santo Domingo

Study Business in the Caribbean in Santo Domingo

Hello everybody!
It has been a while since I have presented you a new school 🏣. Not that we haven’t had any but more like too much to told you about correctly. But this one is a bit special! Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) is a University based in the Caribbean 🌴🌴 in the Dominican Republic.
They offer a Bachelor in Business Administration all taught in English in partnership with American universities that leads to a double certification.

Unibe, Caribbean university

Some fact about the University:

  • 1 program offered entirely in English: Bachelor in Business Administration.
  • 2 bilingual programs (English and Spanish): Medical Doctor, and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (dual degree with Florida International University).
  • Student body of 5,000 students.
  • Women/Men student ratio on student population 64:36.
  • 25 % international students who come from more than 46 countries.
  • 900 faculty members at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Student/Faculty ratio of 6:1 ensuring personalized attention for all students.
  • 17,000 alumni. More than 5,000 of them are international students.
  • 73% employment rate for alumni the first year after graduation; 80% in the second year, 84% at the third year and 94% at the 5th year of graduation.
  • read more


The city: Santo Domingo, caribbean historical place

The main campus is located in the capital of the country, Santo Domingo. Founded in 1496, this city has a rich history and has seen the construction of the first university, cathedral, castle, monastery, and fortress in the “New world”.

How UNIBE presents the city:

The Dominican Republic is located in the Hispaniola, considered the second largest island in the Caribbean and shared with Haiti. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (North) and by the Caribbean Sea (South), between Cuba and Puerto Rico. The nation’s population is approximately 9 million inhabitants. Near to 3 million people live in Santo Domingo, the Capital City. Spanish is the official language and English is widely spoken. On tourist areas you can also find some knowledge of French, Italian and German. The average annual temperature is 77° F with august being the warmest month and January the coolest. Summer temperatures range from 89° to 95 ° F and in the winter from 75° to 90° F.

What a destination to study 🎓. Are you interested? Ask your questions in the comments or make your #studyabroad  project on !

And don’t forget when a School or a University is contacting you, be at your best! And if you need advice, our guide is here to hel you : Learn how to answer Schools