Eloce Ducasse French pastry arts

Eloce Ducasse French pastry arts

Become a French pastry arts chef with Highered.me


Have you ever dreamed about French pastry arts? Create out-standing desserts, wedding cakes, artisan bread, nice cupcakes, sweet candies, for example.

Since 1999, École Ducasse helps students from any part of the world to become culinary and pastry masters, inspired by the vision of legendary chef Alain Ducasse. Also, this is the second Bachelor’s program of Ecole Ducasse that we are writing about.


About French pastry art Bachelor degree


Ecole Ducasse is a member of Sommet Education, the world’s leading hotel management education group.  Likewise, when you study this program, you will discover French excellence and expertise in culinary and confectionery.

The program is highly specialized. So, Students spend three years for the unique combination of pastry craftsmanship and the professional restaurant business management know-how. The course can go both in English or French.  Apply now at Highered.me


Curriculum vitae of french pastry students

The class size for this program is limited to 14 students. Moreover, they will have an opportunity to make over 1,800 hours of hands-on training in french pastry arts.  Also, students visit the management seminars delivered by world-class confectionery professionals. 

Above all, the studying & training time will due in two professional internships in renowned companies that are part of our network, where you can realize the acquired knowledge into practice.




École Ducasse’s has two campuses – in Paris and Yssingeaux, in France’s Haute-Loire region. The Paris campus is a new flagship building that occupies a purpose-built 5,000 sq. M in the prestigious suburb of Meudon. It is just 10 km from the center of the French capital. The campus is famous as a modern center for culinary education. It includes four technical rooms for introductory culinary education and two specialized rooms for professional culinary education. The campus also has technical spaces for teaching pastry and bakery products. The sensory analysis room and two restaurants are located on campus to help students realize their knowledge and make their culinary success become open to the public.

Fluent mechanical engineering program in Toulouse

Fluent mechanical engineering program in Toulouse

New program about MSC mechanical engineering


If you are interested in studying msc advanced mechanical engineering, our new program might be interesting for you.


A Master’s degree in fluid mechanics will make state-of-the-art experts in FM and its application to raw material and energy transformation processes. It is settled at the Toulouse University. The duration of studies takes 2 years. This time you wil get wide list of Chemical engineering activities.


Costs and how to reduce them studying for msc mechanical engineering


Likewise the similar master’s programs, the average cost takes about 9000€  per year. But there is an opportunity to reduce fees up to 5382€ per year. It is available for European students or selected students based on academic background excellence.


The main theme of your future curriculum


Major importance for modeling the behavior of industrial processes have multiphase flows. You will go through advanced courses on turbulence, coupling chemical reactions and flows, heat and mass transfers. Moreover, courses complementation contains exercises and practical training.  In addition,  students will train to work with Computational Fluid Dynamics tools (commercial codes but also research and industrial software).


MSc mechanical engineering Program contents 

The University of Toulouse builds the mechanical engineering graduate program according to innovative scientific requirements.

Fluids Mechanics and CFD

– Process Engineering and Industrial systems

– Compressible flows and Turbo-machines

– Advanced courses in Fluid Mechanics

– Numerical Analysis and Simulations

– Practical training on Fluid Mechanics

– Multiphase Flows and Reactions


Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena

– Turbulence in Fluids, Numerical Simulations

– Complex Fluids and Interfacial Phenomena

– Heterogeneous media and Multiphase Flows

– Transfer and Reactions


Also, there would be some individual Industrial Project that you will do to find your own keen on skills and practical approach.

More articles about the Toulouse,  study in France 

Learn French study program in the South of France

Learn French study program in the South of France

 Do you dream about studying in France?

Learn French with permanent coaching study program. Sing up to look for details about a pedagogical team   @LSFMontpellier


The learn French course is developed around 3 axes

  • Students are never alone during your French learning. You can be any level from the beginning. We subsequently guide you from A1 to C2 level
  • Program contains over 400 training modules. You will train with 6 000 different exercises
  • Main 7 language studying themes: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production, and phonetics.


Become Master of written interactions with learn French course

Nowadays, writing skills and interactions occupy a very important place. You need to totally confident in what to write at your professional communications. Also course is useful for students who are looking for exchanges in France and for social networks.

Students have the autonomy of studying shedule control

The pace of learning varies from your needs. In addition you can find the rhythm of learning that suits you and use the best study strain.

Understanding that helps you to study

If you get answers to all your questions, you can move forward quickly.

On learning French course you will find all kinds of courses. They take time during 48 weeks of lessons from A1 to C1/C2 levels.

The course has 48 Specific learning modules.

For each level you will find the goals to be reached/ All objectives will appear on lesson sheets, videos, self-correcting exercises. In addition, you will use written and oral comprehension and expression exercises.

A huge pedagogical catalog

Learning French program gives you access to a catalog of more than 400 à la carte modules. They organize 7 learning spheres: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, oral comprehension, written comprehension, written production and phonetics.

During the studies firstly, you can ask as many questions as you like. Secondly, you receive personalized answers to all that is needed. Referent teachers are constantly coaching students.  They give you advice and help to make a progress.

How to start the learn French course

In the beginning, go-to HigherEdMe and apply for a studying program. Then you’ll take an online test to assess your level of French and discover your needs. After that, we form a study program corresponding to your language level. However, we can discuss a personalized curriculum to achieve your specific goals.

You wouldn’t be alone in your discipleship – because of contact with a school community of French language.

5 cool opportunities to study science in France

5 cool opportunities to study science in France

5 programs for students to become a great scientist – or why you should study science in France

Are you dreaming of science? Have some ideas that could become a discovery? This post is about your opportunity to realize your goal. Go to study science in France and make an international career. For some details look here

1. Cancer Aging & Rejuvenation master’s program at Université de Toulouse

Find out, how to make human life better by studying Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Medicine, cancer, Ageing and Rejuvenation.
+Cool modern laboratories,
+2 years of study.

2. Industrial BioTechnology for a Bio-Based Economy (BioTechEco)

Across-disciplinary educational program by Toulouse Tech that, likewise,  includes life sciences, chemical and bioprocess engineering, bioethics, sustainability, economics, and environmental regulations.

+ 6-month internship at a research laboratory of the university consortium or an industrial company.
+ high-quality teaching delivered by lecturers and researchers from universities ranked among the 300 best institutions in the world (NTU and ARWU rankings, 2020).

3. Space Communication Systems: from engineering to end-to-end systems.

2 years, Université de Toulouse
The teaching staff is composed of faculty members who are part of major French research laboratories and experts of satellite industry. The SATCOM systems program trains autonomous graduates in the field of satellite telecommunications.
4. International Master of Functional biology & Ecology by INRAE –
2 years, fundamental research in agriculture, discovering natural land &waste management, and remediation to become a scientific advisor, researcher, or engineer. “Master Mobility grant” to finance the mobility of M2 students – in France or abroad.

5. Electronics systems for embedded and Communicating Applications.

2 years, Embedded Electronics Design, Radio-Frequencies, Digital Signal and Image Processing disciplines.
You will create an A 100h research project in a research institution and
A 6 months final project as a trainee in a laboratory or in the industry with minimum wages 500 € / month
also Université de Toulouse

If you dream  to study science, get this chance and go to France

Up-to-date labs, qualified mentors, friendly and sophisticated community…
interested? look for details on https://app.highered.me/

Discover study abroad places: IULM University, Milan, Italy

Discover study abroad places: IULM University, Milan, Italy

Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne – IULM University


IULM University is the Italian centre of excellence for studies. Moreover, subjects as Communications, Linguistics, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, have strategic importance and ever-developing.

Program complements , for instance, a solid academic education with practical experience. Thanks to conferences, workshops, partnerships with companies, and “hands-on” learning in the field.

Moreover, the University is located in Milan: the Italian capital of Fashion, Design, and Innovation. There you could easily get closer to the Italian lifestyle and to the world of work. Above all, just visit Highered.me to view all project details.






English-taught IULM University programs

Two-year master’s degrees in

  • Strategic Communication
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

One-year master’s degrees in

  • International Communication
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Game Design
  • Food Design and Innovation (in collaboration with SPD)
  • Communication for International Relations [IT/EN]


“Know, how to be,
know how to do”


Why choose IULM University



The IULM offers complete and innovative training courses that likewise respond effectively to the needs of the labor market.


Made in Italy

More than a brand, “Made in Italy” is a lifestyle and way of doing business, grounded in time-honored culture and artisanal know-how. In addition, Studying at IULM gives you an insider’s view to this model and leads you to make it your own. “Made in Italy” is closely associated with quality, specialization and style, based on the craftsmanship, tradition and innovation of enduring Italian business models.


Modern, Functional Campus

At the IULM Campus offers unsurpassed facilities for both learning and university life. Besides 6 buildings dedicated to classroom teaching and socializing. The  2 auditoriums and an exhibition area provide impressive venues for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, cultural and artistic events thereby making the University a multipurpose cultural center just 15 minutes from downtown Milan.


Professional training

In IULM guides you success into the world of work, combining a solid academic background and hands-on classroom activities.  Above all, practical field experience allows the acquisition of those soft skills that employers increasingly seek in new hires (teamwork, decision-making, communication).


Ideas and Creativity

Our IULM nurtures talent and provides a stepping stone to the world of work. Also they are a training ground to turn your passion into a profession. Students’ ideas come to life as working projects carried out in the field beyond the university. So, thanks to a highly qualified teaching staff and, subsequently,  pool of experienced professionals who support students’ educational and professional success.

Study in Milan at IULM

Since its inception 50 years ago, IULM University has striven to combine cultural education and professional skills, and indeed it is a place where academia and the labor market converge. That is precisely what makes IULM stand out because it complements a solid academic education with practical experience .

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