Why HigherEdMe?

 At HigherEdMe, we think that a student has not enough time and no perfect tools to search and compare global study opportunities.

We also think that some universities and schools are never chosen as a destination because they simply do not appear in the records of the international studies office, even if they can offer very good study conditions. These universities spend a lot of money in advertising, sometimes it drives to an increase of tuition fees.

 So we decided to use the last matchmaking marketplace technologies to solve the problem.

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Our vision

HigherEdMe aims to become the largest reverse marketplace for international studies, allowing students to get the best value proposition out of their study abroad project and budget.

HigherEdMe is a startup based in France.

Our Values : 100% student respect built-in

100% students decided to appear on HigherEdMe

We never display student’s emails without their consent to Higher Education Institutions

Our platform is built to take you the minimum time

We are not a social network, we prefer that you have time to do the things you love!

Who is on HigherEdMe?

Read the interviews of other students looking to study abroad like you!

Vasili’s Interview

Hi everyone, I came across Vasili’s profile while I was checking the students on our platform and decided to get in touch with him because I really liked his personality traits. He describes himself as a very communicative, clever and enthusiastic person who wants to...

Kristina is the Student of the Month!

At HigherEdMe, we are always looking for motivated students. That is why I decided to get in touch with Kristina, whose profile was really interesting as she was quoting Saint Augustine. She was nice enough to let me interview her and I really thank her for that....

Walid tells us about his study abroad project

While going through your profiles, I noticed Walid’s and decided I would ask him questions. He liked the idea so we chatted a little bit. [HigherEdMe] You want to become an automation engineer, is that right? Why did you choose this field? [Walid]    It’s a field I’ve...
Apogem travel agency

Meet new agent – Apogem travel agency

Meet new agent - Apogem travel agency We are happy to tell you about our new agent  - Apogem travel agency "Apogem Recruitment Agency Ltd".  Generally, the agency's base is in Vancouver, Canada, but the agency’s professional sphere wides moreover, and there are about...

Student of the month: Discover Rodrigo from Portugal

Rodrigo Registered This month on our platform and agreed to TAKE our interview. We are happy to share his answers here. Welcome to HigherEdMe Rodrigo!   What do you want to study and why? What makes you like your study field? I study psychology. I've wanted to...

Meet Paloma, First Student of the month for 2018

What do you want to study and why? What makes you like your study field? I want to be a lawyer, and the main reason why is to be able to find justice for people that don’t have the opportunity. Where are you from and where do you want to go? What do you like in your...

Discover Amine, a student registered on our platform

Amine is currently working in a multinational company and wishes to go back to his studies. Wanting to study Computer Science in Europe, he registered on our platform in order to get study abroad offers. As he sounded very motivated, I decided to interview him and he...

Thomas’s interview

It’s been a while since I last published an interview and I make a strong comeback with Thomas, a resourceful and very motivated student. I think he’ll have a lot of success! Discover him through a few questions.   I’ve seen that you want to study 2D and 3D...
international education agent

International education agents

The international education agents. Who are the international education agents? And why should you choose them or not? The partnership was critical to international education through the ages. Whether it’s was an international student seeking advice, or a college...

Will you guess where Rida is coming from?

Rida wants to study abroad. HigherEdMe interviews a lot of students in the world about their motivation to go abroad to get a degree. Will you guess where Rida is coming from by reading her answers? What do you want to study and why? What makes you like your study...


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