Interview with Evangelina

About Evangelina study abroad project

What do you want to study and why?

I would like to study art. It’s something that really fascinates me, but so far I have not given it enough time to do other things, I’d like to change that.

Where are you from and where do you want to go?

I am from Argentina, I love landscapes that my country has. I would like to go to Canada. From a very young age, I have always wanted to go there, since I have relatives there and they always mention how nice it is. I would also like to improve my English by meeting native people.

Evangelina is studying at the National University of Lanús , she speaks 3 languages Spanish, English, and Japanese.

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Tell us more about you

What do you enjoy doing when you have spare time?

I like to write stories or poems, play the piano, draw, walk and listen to music.

Is there a personality trait about you that you are proud of?

Yes. My perseverance, even though things are difficult, I always try to keep going. I try to give my best effort.

A message for the higher education institutions

If there is anything you’d like to say to Universities who will see your profile

I’m just a normal person, like everyone, I just want to give my best and learn as much as I can. I also know that despite the things that happen, everything serves as an experience in life.

If you can go abroad with a friend?

It would be Daiana Nicole

Since a long time ago, we always talked about how great it would be if we go to Canada together. She always supports me in everything and always helps me practice when it comes to English. It would be a nice experience to go with her.

Name Evangelina

Country Argentina

Studies Art


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