Interview with Adrianna

Adrianna's portrait for her study abroad interview. Poland to Europe for business studies

About Adrianna study abroad project

What do you like in your study field? Have you an ideal job in mind?

I’m currently in the last year of my Bachelor’s degree, Linguistics for business. It’s a wonderful mix of management, languages and practical knowledge, which comes handy when you are a young person just starting your career. Thanks to a wide range of subjects and lessons, conducted by specialists from different backgrounds, I had a chance to discover which path I want to take from now. My dream is to become a manager and a leader – a person who uplifts others and incorporates the values of global citizenship into the business.

Where are you from and Where do you want to go?

I was born and raised in one of the biggest cities in Poland, Łódź. Although the name might look scary, I assure you that the city itself is worth every bit of effort that you put into pronouncing its name. Still, if I had to pick one thing it would be murals. It’s been nearly ten years now since the appearance of first installations and now there are plenty of paintings scattered through the whole city, made by talented people from all around the world. There is even a guided tour organised by our city, be sure to check it out if you ever come around!
I have traveled a lot in the past and I plan to visit even more places in the future. It was mostly through Europe and North Africa, only this summer I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at a project for children in Greece. But a place that I truly want to visit is the Scandinavia. Honestly, I’m so in love with the countries located there – their culture, people and of course nature. No matter what the future brings I plan to spend there at least one summer, to wholly experience the place.

Name Adrianna

Country Poland

Studies Linguistic & Business

Adrianna speaks 3 languages Polish, English, and French. She already has been contacted by 3 institutions on HigherEdMe and has accepted to continue further with one them. All the team wishes her good luck.

If you are a University, you can contact her trough HigherEdMe here: Adrianna’s profile

What are your hobbies, or any side activity you have?

I spent most of my free time doing the projects with students organizations that I’m part of – AIESEC and Enactus. Especially the second one proved pretty absorbing, with our project aimed at autistic children and their families. It gave me a lot of responsibilities, but also plenty of new opportunities. I’ve been a radio speaker, hold workshops in primary school, do some 3D modeling and graphic design – I guess that once the job needs to be done, it’s just best to do it yourself!

What is the one thing that makes you feel the proudest?

I guess it would be my openness, which shows in most things that I do. I just love participating in workshops, gaining new skills and learning, especially from other people. I’m very open to other perspectives, seeing the diversity as something that can bring us all a lot of good things. Then, I’m also open to challenges, as long as they are conducted according to “fair play” rules.

What do you like the most in your current University and what would you say to a university recruiter to pick you?

I really like the practical approach, which my university adopted when it comes to my studies. Meeting actual professionals, learning skills that are required by companies, having an obligatory internship.
I’m a solution-oriented, motivated person seeking the best path to achieve my goals. I’m positive that both during my studies and after their end, the university will be proud to name me one of their students and later graduates.

If you can go abroad with a friend?

Weronika, We’ve been friends for nearly half of my life, starting as pretty awkward kids and slowly becoming young women, that we are today. There is no doubt that we both shaped each other, helping one another during hard times and laughing over silly things. I’d be more than happy to have her support during another important event in my life – choosing a Master and then getting the diploma is definitely a big thing after all!


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