Interview with Marsix

About Marsix study abroad project

What do you like in your study field? Have you an ideal job in mind?

At the moment I am in the last year of secondary school, and I really like the field of international relations since it is something that I do very well, it is a career that needs a lot of dedication and commitment. I read a lot and I know how to treat and lead people, my ideal job would be in an embassy

Where are you from and Where do you want go?

I am from Colombia and what I would most recommend would be to go on a tour of the Caribbean coast of our country, where you can find different landscapes, exotic food and enjoy quiet beaches, visit monuments, visit the jungle of the Amazon as it is a unique place to see, where you can breathe the purest air in the world.

Caribbean coast

I am open to travel to any part of the world, because one of my dreams is to know even the remotest parts of the planet, so any place that is chosen for me is perfect. I travelled in 2016 to Canada in a student exchange, to Drumheller, Alberta. I was studying for 1 month in Drumheller Valley Secondary School and living in student residence

What are you hobbies, or any side activity you have?

My hobbies are reading and writing, I really enjoy this practice because it is something that helps me to develop better and express my ideas better

What is the one thing that makes you feel the most proud?

My trip to Canada, my ability to learn a language quickly, the responsibility with which I assume the challenges that I face and my leadership skills.

What do you like the most in your current High School

What I like most about my institution are the different methodologies we adopt to improve teaching, since we have agreements with the University of Valladolid in Spain, and we have several programs that allow us to stimulate our critical thinking.

What would you say to an university recruiter to pick you?

I would tell him to choose me, because, without a doubt, he is taking an exceptional person, trained to face any challenge, no matter how difficult it is.

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If you can go abroad with a friend?

Sebastián, Because I consider that we are a great team, when we work together we stand out in front of other people and consider that, like me, he is someone fully capable of taking on any challenge.

Name Marsix

Country Colombia

Studies International relation


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