Interview with Maria

About Maria study abroad project

What do you want to study and why?

I want to study some subject about technology and computer science that deal with topics such as big data, IoT, deep learning anda Artificial intelligence. I’m currently in the last year of my university career, engineering of Information systems.

Where are you from and where do you want to go?

I’m from argentina, and I wish go to the UK or the USA. I’m really want to learn about their cultures, traditions and their native language.


Tell us more about you

what do you enjoy doing when you have spare time?

Currently in my free time I read books,  spend time my friends, or do some courses to learn more about the new subjects of technology.

Is there a personality trait about you that you are proud of?

I consider myself a dreamy person and very adaptable to any situation that comes my way. I show versatility when it comes to learning and working as a team.


A message for the higher education institutions

If there is anything you’d like to say to Universities who will see your profile?

I’ve the dream to travel and study English or some subjects included in my career, for too many years. I really want to travel and live an experience that I can use for a while on my own, to learn how to handle myself in the field of the labor market and grow up as a professional

If you can go abroad with a friend?

I really want to travel with my older sister, because she is my best friend and she is so smart and lovely.   friends and get to know a lot of people abroad.

Name Maria

Country Argentina

Studies Computer Science


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