Interview with Samwel

About Samwel study abroad project

What do you want to study and why?

I wish to study bachelor of food science and technology because I wish one day create something from food products which will help my fellow Africans .what makes me like my study field is that I see the field I wish to study will help me reach my goals with my fellows with whom I will meet them if God wishes

Where are you from and where do you want to go?

Am from Tanzania and I wish to study in Swaziland though my wish was India. Due to lack of finance I just decided to start with Africa in Swaziland then from there I can be able to move forward to Europe or Asia to increase my knowledge and exposure to my Idea.what I mostly like in my country is that there are lots of raw materials to help me achieve my idea.Just like I said am looking for exposure, new ideas to express my idea so as to achieve it and am sure abroad I can achieve it cause I will different people with different views.

Tell us more about you

what do you enjoy doing when you have spare time?

Mostly I love basketball so during my free time I try to play basketball and listen to the music

Is there a personality trait about you that you are proud of?

Yes, there are some traits that I appreciate from my self. Once I plan to do something I don’t give up so easily and I won’t have peace till I fulfill it.For example, I want to study abroad so I had to do different jobs to achieve my goals. I like this trait cause it gives me power to move forward and strength to fight

A message for the higher education institutions

If there is anything you’d like to say to Universities who will see your profile?

I just want to thank God for letting me know about HigherEdMe, I hope they can help me achieve what I wish for my life by cause once any university sees this post and gets interested in me am all available it’s just we kids from poor families we face hard times to achieve our goals

If you can go abroad with a friend?

My fellow brother who has ideas like mine cause he took the risk of leaving the university he was studying just to fulfill his dreams

Name Samwel

Country Tanzania

Studies Food science


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