Interview with Fasika

About Fasika study abroad project

What do you want to study and why?

I like to study fashion design. I think that if we can work on our cultural fashion we can bring big change and development to the world fashion.

Where are you from and where do you want to go?

Am from Ethiopia and I want to go to China. I like the art fashion, art(painting).to study and relate our cultural fashion to China and bring big changes in the current fashion.

Wonchi Lake of Ethiopia.jpg
Wonchi Lake, By WenjvnOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Tell us more about you

What do you enjoy doing when you have spare time?

My hobbies are having fun with youngers, painting, designing, work with my friends

Is there a personality trait about you that you are proud of?

Yes, am always interested in new things, Never give up, making fun, believe in the law of nature.

A message for the higher education institutions

If there is anything you’d like to say to Universities who will see your profile?

Am very interested with this chance and I wish you will accept me. The other thing is that my family does not have the ability to pay more. I am from a poor family if you could help me

If you can go abroad with a friend?

I am on my own.

Name Fasika

Country Ethiopia

Studies Fashion design


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